Avocados From Mexico Guac The Tailgate Sweepstakes

Avocados From Mexico and the Guac the Tailgate Sweepstakes

Besides the fact that you can enjoy some avocados from Mexico during your tailgate, you can also enter the tailgate sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50000 cash prize. You can also find several different Guacamole recipes for your tailgate party. You will also learn some rules about the contest.

Guacamole tailgate recipes

Whether you are a fan of avocados or not, you know that avocados are good for you. During the Super Bowl, Avocados From Mexico has been selling guacamole for parties. Now, the brand is focusing on tailgating. The company has also announced new promotions for the fall season. It will launch a national BOGO (buy one get one free) offer and special in-store displays.

Avocados From Mexico is the number one selling avocado brand in the U.S. In addition to the guac, the brand also sells a variety of other items, such as jalapenos, tomatoes, limes, onions and cilantro.

The company has a fun commercial that features football legend Deion Sanders and his wife, Tracey Edmonds. The commercial is set to air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

Avocados from Mexico is celebrating its seventh appearance in the Super Bowl. This year, the brand will focus on guac-focused campaigns and tailgating. They are inviting shoppers to vote for their favorite guac recipe. Fans will also have a chance to win a prize package valued at $50,000.

Avocados From Mexico has also announced that they are launching new fall season promotions. The company will launch special in-store displays and the first-ever national BOGO offer. They will also launch a new campaign, For the Love of Guac. The campaign will feature celebrity couples Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds, as well as other football legends. It will also include a teaser commercial.

Giveaway of $50000 cash

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Avocados From Mexico put the pedal to the metal with their aforementioned ode to philanthropy and the ol’ fashion marketing and PR muscle. During the month of October, they will be giving away the best of the best in the way of prizes, and promoting their most notable achievements via a limited-edition pink packaging. It’s a win-win for Avocados From Mexico and its retail partners and shoppers.

Avocados from Mexico isn’t the only brand in town promoting a pink ribbon worthy cause. Their sister company, Richards/Lerma is also sponsoring a contest for the same cause. There are five winners in this competition who will each receive $500. Among the other prizes, a lucky few will get to enjoy an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to a US soccer match of their choice. The prize is not cheap, but hey, you’re going to have the chance to go all out for the grand prize.

Avocados from Mexico is the king of the kings in the avocado kingdom, and it’s not hard to see why. The company has teamed up with some of the hottest brands on the planet, and they’ve consolidated their resources into a marketing campaign that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. In the name of the almighty dollar, Avocados from Mexico will be putting up some serious cash to fund their marketing initiatives.

Contest rules

During the NFL season, Avocados from Mexico (AFM) is sponsoring a cash retail incentive program for retailers. For a limited time, you can enter the Guac the Tailgate Sweepstakes to win one of ten (10) Ultimate Tailgate trucks worth a slashed price of $50,000. The big winner will be picked at random. The prizes aren’t limited to sports fans, either. The truck is sure to be a hit at family reunions and camping trips alike.

The Avocados from Mexico Guac the Tailgate Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia. You can enter the prize draws two times per day, a total of twenty-four times a day. The lucky winners will be contacted via email or by post. You can also win an avocado truck of your own by participating in the raffles that are scheduled around sporting events in your local area.

While you are at it, you may also wish to take a look at Avocados from Mexico’s ad campaign that will be running throughout the upcoming football season. AFM has teamed up with Takis Snacks, the maker of rolled corn tortilla chips. The company is currently running a multi-platform campaign that includes an infographic-rich media kit and a contest with $10,000 in prizes.

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