B Thom

Who is B Thom Yorke?

Thom established his position in mathematics through winning the Fields Medal and then pursued philosophy with passion, creating his own natural philosophy rooted in mathematics (especially geometry and topology) that took inspiration from Aristotle.

Thom utilized structural stability and morphogenesis concepts to reformulate metapsychology, proposing a mathematical model of psychical forms’ birth, persistence and eventual dissipation.

Early Life and Education

Thom was born and raised on a rural family farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, where he learned a wide array of skills such as surveying and field astronomy. Additionally, he gained employment at his local railway station as a stevedore.

As part of his USDA career, Henri Cartan helped devise practical measures for controlling a severe cotton disease while serving on the team that created penicillin at Northern Regional Research Laboratory. In France he worked at Ecole Normale Superieure where he met and became inspired by Henri Cartan.

Thom has kept busy during retirement by writing books two and three of his young adult science fiction trilogy, while continuing to work alongside his wife at United Airlines as part of their ground support crew.

Professional Career

Thom is an active researcher with research studies focused on infectious diseases, women’s health and doctor-patient relationships. Additionally, she is an educator with longstanding editorial experience for Taylor & Francis journal Drugs: Education Prevention & Policy.

Thom has quickly established herself as an author and public speaker, sharing her expertise on national and international stages. She has served as keynote speaker at numerous conferences and events; furthermore she remains actively engaged with her professional community by serving as co-chair for UCSF’s Faculty Development Initiative.

She currently serves as library media specialist at Bristow Middle School in West Hartford, CT and graduated from The Neag School’s talent development and gifted and talented education master’s program.

Achievement and Honors

Thom was an early innovator in topology, and his contributions are considered key in the advancement of geometry. He worked to expand manifold theory while studying singularities at their intersection, helping create two new branches of mathematics – differential topology and singularity theory – with his contributions.

He received numerous accolades for both his academic work and harp playing, such as receiving the Judge’s Overall Performance Award at Mid-Atlantic Folk Harp Competition and being awarded silver.

Thom was an accomplished artist whose works had been displayed internationally at exhibitions. He received the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award in 2018 as well as membership to Florida Blue Key.

Personal Life

Thom is a vegetarian and an animal rights activist living in Owen County, Indiana with his partner Rachel and two children. Due to multiple surgeries in elementary school he suffers from paralyzed left eye which often prompts teases from others.

B thom is not only an accomplished painter but is also an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter, performing extensively throughout Europe and North America. His songs have been featured in movies such as American Beauty and The Fountain. Additionally, his performances can be found in music videos.

In 2021, he opened Paradise Gallery in Sutton, MA and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions ever since, such as those at Journal Gallery (New York), V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), and Commune Gallery (Tokyo). Shrine Gallery in Chinatown of New York City represents him.

Net Worth

Thom Yorke is an esteemed singer-songwriter. Throughout his career he has earned significant sums of money as well as being honored with various awards and nominations for his efforts.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has also become known for being an activist against climate change, nuclear weapons and meat production. Additionally he supports animal rights as a vegetarian while participating in numerous protests and marches across Europe.

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