Babes was a sitcom that aired for one season on Fox Television Network, from September 13, 1990 to Aug 10, 1991. It was created and executive-produced by Dolly Parton and Sandy Gallin and released by Twentieth Century Fox Television. Parton made an appearance in episode 15 entitled “Hello, Dolly”.

The word babe is a diminutive form of the word baby and is used to describe a child or other small animal. Babe is an English term of endearment. Ginevra, who had recently given birth, was visited by many young matrons who brought their unweaned babes to the hall. Babes in tangles are taken care of by the birth parents.

People call their loved ones babes to indicate that they love them. Some people are uncomfortable being called babe. Some people prefer to call their partner by their names or their personal terms of endearment. Whichever term you use, it should make sense in your relationship. It is important that you understand the cultural implications of using the term. Many people call each other babes. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

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