Baby Lisa 90 Day

Baby Girl Lisa From 90 Day Fiance

If you haven’t seen Baby Girl Lisa on the hit series 90 Day Fiance, you’ve missed out. Lisa Hamme is one of the recurring characters on the show and she has already caused quite the stir in the 90 Day Fiance community. She said she would have a baby to save her marriage, which made the audience angry. Here’s what we found out about her character on the show. Keep reading to learn more about Baby Girl Lisa.

The former 90 day fiance contestant has a devoted following on Instagram and Twitter. Her views often reflect her views on social problems. TLC cut ties with Lisa after she was caught using a racial slur. It’s possible that Lisa is on the show, whether this is an accident or deliberate attempt to make Lisa more controversial.

In 90 Day Fiance, Lisa and her Nigerian love interest, Usman, appeared as a weird couple. They had a difficult time establishing a relationship and Usman was plagued by anger issues which led him to file for divorce. Lisa’s fans were shocked to hear about her marriage to another man. But 90 Day Fiance fans are still loyal to Lisa and her antics. But the fans can’t ignore her antics.

Baby Girl Lisa was on the show during the fourth season. Before 90 Day Fiance, she was in a relationship with SojaBoy. However, their relationship ended after the show, and sojaBoy filed for divorce shortly thereafter. Kim was his second appearance on the show. Although the relationship between SojaBoy and Lisa did not last long, it is interesting to see the couple’s lives together.

Many fans hoped Lisa would get along with Usman in Nigeria, but Lisa was not happy with his decision. Lisa still has legal ties with Usman in Nigeria, and it was unclear whether she would ever get a divorce. The new relationship was filmed in Nigeria, where Lisa is still legally married to Usman. Lisa was also legally married with Usman’s mother Tracey. The couple split in December 2020.

Meanwhile, Usman was a surprise to fans of the show. Fans were not surprised by his new relationship with Lisa, but Usman’s abrupt decision to leave Kim for her long-term boyfriend left them baffled. The couple have a stable net worth, and they no longer appear to be using the 90 Day Fiance franchise for a platform. While Usman may still have a new marriage, Lisa’s career choice has taken the 90 Day Fiance franchise by storm.

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