Baby Princess Crown

Oh Baby! Princess Crown

The Oh Baby! The Princess Crown is a whimsical crown that will be worn by your little princess. Made of metallic linen, this crown fastens with Velcro. This crown can be adjusted to fit the head of your baby, making it a great accessory for any outfit. It will be a favorite accessory for your little princess! This crown is also available in silver and gold colors. It will make your little princess feel like a princess! This crown will not be worn by just her!

These headbands allow parents to dress their little princesses with style! These headbands have a glittering headband with sparkling beads and fluffy tulle accents. These headbands are suitable for newborns up to four months old and are great for princess parties! While they may not be as big as the real thing, baby princess headbands are a great option for any princess occasion! You can even personalize your baby princess crown headband with her birthday colors!

The Beatriz Ball BABY Collection includes adorable boxes and ribbons. This baby headband is made from FDA-approved aluminum alloy and is safe for freezing and dishwasher use. The princess crowns are also available as personalized photo props! A flower crown designed just for your baby will make you feel like a princess! You’ll be amazed at how cute your baby looks in one. You can also gift your baby a handmade flower crown at a shower!

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