Barbie Pooping Dog

Barbie Pooping Dog Recall

One of many toys that has been recalled is the Barbie pooping puppy. It is not only distasteful but also contains magnets that could perforate your intestines. It’s a sad situation for both parents and children. Mattel, the toy manufacturer, has been forced to refund millions to consumers and is recalling tens to millions of toys to correct the problem. The safety hazards in the Barbie dog are typically caused by lead paint and dangerous magnets. Unfortunately, Tanner’s dog biscuits are made in China and can be dangerous for children.

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and shared 20k times. It has attracted the attention of young dog lovers all around the world. The funny clip features a plastic puppy pooping, and comments on YouTube pointed out that Barbie’s poop is round and tight. The Barbie pooping dog may not be the ultimate dog training tool, but it will teach young dog lovers the basics of proper poop. Thankfully, it’s not too late to begin teaching your children about proper dog behavior.

Barbie loves dogs. That’s why she’s opened her very own “Doggy Daycare” where her four lovable pet pals can play with her. The large, light brown dog can eat bones and can push her tail to poop. The Barbie pooping doll comes with a trashcan and a scooper to clean up the mess. As long as you clean the mess, Tanner will soon return to eating a dog biscuit.

The pooping dog that Barbie makes in the Doggy Daycare playset is a fun game that lets your child practice poop hygiene. They can pretend to scoop Tanner’s poo with the pooper scooper. The dog is also well balanced, so the poop is solid. The Barbie pooping dog is designed to be easy to clean up. Tanner can take them to the next meal when it’s time.

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