Barbie With Cochlear Implant

Barbie With Cochlear Implant

A new doll will be hitting the shelves in May: a Barbie with cochlear implant. The doll has been designed by Dr. Jen Richardson, a pioneer in educational audiology. Alani Vasquez, Idania Vergara’s daughter, was born deaf. She had surgery to install cochlear implants at nine months. She still asks why other people don’t have “ears” like her.

The doll will be the first Barbie to have a cochlear implant. It will also be the first Barbie to have vitiligo. Mattel plans to release a Ken doll that has vitiligo. This is a condition that causes pigment loss. The company plans to eventually release a Barbie with cochlear implants. The doll will hopefully include a doll for the hearing impaired with similar racial and social characteristics.

The doll comes in many styles and colors, and in many sizes. You can customize it to look like you or your child. The dolls measure 13 inches tall and are soft-bodied. They are made from clay. You can request a custom doll. The dolls usually ship within four days. There are some drawbacks to purchasing a custom-made doll.

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