Barbie Zodiac Collection

Barbie Zodiac Collection

Barbie has twelve astrological signs that are represented by their own dolls. The collection celebrates the timeless appeal and mystery of the zodiac. Each character is dressed in a classic gown with a faux fur stole, and decorated with the sign’s symbols or rhinestones. She also wears earrings and a bracelet with a zodiac charm. This is the perfect gift for any child!

Princess Malucia is a Sagittarius who enjoys stealing power from other creatures. People who are Sagittarius have a tendency for exaggeration and to strive for great actions. Capricorns are logical, ambitious, and often enjoy the money. Capricorns are hardworking and will not give up on their dreams. The princesses in this collection are all astrological signs. However, the princesses are the most popular, and most beloved, zodiac characters.

Barbie is the most sexy of all the zodiac signs. She is a leader, has a great sense for style, is passionate about her work and has a great sense to lead. Her ambition to rule the ballet world has made her a popular icon for fans of the series. The Snow Queen is an aspirant leader, but she does it quietly and with an arrogant air.

The princesses who represent the other two zodiac signs are Queen Ariana and Baron Von Ravendale. These characters embody all the traits of their respective signs. While she seems like a gentle fairy, Crystal is also a cunning and sneaky prankster. She also cheats on others characters. Another example of an evil witch is Queen Ariana, the Island Princess character. She also practices the traits of a Sagittarius.

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