Barbies From The 90’s

Barbies From the 90’s Are Worth a Lot

If you are a collector of vintage dolls, you might be interested to find one of the iconic barbies from 1990. These dolls were popular during this decade, and collectors have been flocking to them for years. But did you know that these Barbies are worth a lot? A Barbie in excellent condition can be purchased for as low as $150, and even more if the original packaging is available.

The 90’s saw the debut of the Totally Hair Barbie, which was one the most loved Barbie dolls ever. The doll had the longest hair of any Barbie. It was also the first Barbie brunette to hit the shelves in more than 20 years. Totally Hair Barbie was a cultural icon and one the most popular toys of all time. Among the other notable 90s Barbies, Totally Hair Barbie was the most unique in the toy market.

Another popular 90’s Barbie included the Hula Hair Barbie. This doll had long, sunset-colored hair and a tropical-themed outfit. She also had flat feet. She was also available in African-American and Caucasian versions. She had a colorful striped minidress, long straight hair and bangs. This particular version was made using the Mackie head mold. An African American version was also released.

While Barbie has been a popular teacher since the 60’s, the 1995 Teacher Barbie was among the most popular and quickly sold out. It was so popular that rumors of a recall caused a shortage, and Mattel ended up adding fabric panties to the doll about halfway through its production. These dolls were so popular during the holiday season, both models were sold before Christmas. Even though the 1995 Teacher Barbie was not recalled, it was still in high demand by Christmas.

There are also limited edition Barbie dolls such as the 1992 Holiday Barbie. This particular model was so popular, it sold out almost immediately. It has now become an incredibly popular collector’s item. A holiday Barbie can be sold on eBay for as high as $200 today, even though it was released during a festive season. So, if you have one of these rare Barbies, you should get her! It’s time for you to save!

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