Barnaby Thomas

Barnaby Thomas

DCI Tom Barnaby is based out of Causton, and investigates murders that take place throughout small villages across England. A keen and astute detective, DCI Barnaby often uncovers even obscure clues to help solve murderous and shocking cases.

He is assisted in his investigations by various Detective Sergeants such as Gavin Troy, Daniel Scott and Ben Jones. Additionally, Joyce and he have one daughter named Cully together.

Early Life and Education

Barnaby Thomas is a central character in Caroline Graham’s crime novels and the ITV show Midsomer Murders that adapts them. John Nettles portrays Barnaby on Midsomer Murders. Barnaby Thomas is intelligent and dedicated police officer clad in three-piece suits and ties; with blue eyes. A caring individual who cares deeply for his family.

He is the cousin of DI John Barnaby from Brighton CID and works together on solving murder cases in Causton and Midsomer County together with DCI Lambert; all three men had attended school together and have mutual respect for one another.

Professional Career

John Barnaby is DCI Tom Barnaby’s cousin who arrives in Midsomer after retiring. Shown around by DS Ben Jones, when John mentions his degree he receives some light-hearted jabbing from DCI Tom Barnaby himself (in Death in the Slow Lane).

He is married to Joyce and they share a daughter named Cully. When it comes to solving crimes, he often takes his time before making any judgment calls as to who might have committed them.

Thompson first worked with pathologist George Bullard until his retirement and replacement by Kate Wilding. Additionally, he collaborated with Detective Sergeant Ben Jones. Thompson directed two feature films; an updated remake of The Killing of the Sacred Cow and Maigret Sets a Trap.

Achievement and Honors

Hugh Barnaby has participated in multiple scientific research projects, namely semiconductors for hostile environments and radiation effects on microelectronic devices and circuits. As a result, his research has resulted in over 60 publications at international conferences as well as teaching positions at Arizona State University (including courses on Microelectronic Device and Sensor Design, Radiation Effects on Electronic Systems, Analog/RF/Mixed Signal Circuit Design etc).

DCI Barnaby first teams up with Detective Sergeant Gavin Troy before being transferred to another post within Midsomer Constabulary. As soon as Gavin has moved, Barnaby becomes partners with Detective Sergeant Joyce – whom viewers were first introduced to during “The Green Man”.

Joyce enjoys painting, singing, tango dancing, arts appreciation and charity work – including serving on the Midsomer Worthy Choir which she recommended DC Ben Jones join after hearing him sing in the shower in Episode 9 “Death in Chorus”. Joyce is also a passionate gardener and runner.

Personal Life

Barnaby is married to Joyce and they share one daughter named Cully. Cully often helps her father solve cases and the two share an affectionate bond. Additionally, Barnaby has close ties to Brighton CID through his cousin John who also works there.

Barnaby enjoys playing sports and gardening in his free time, as well as composing music he has arranged several productions for both BBC and ITV.

He played an essential part in helping Eel Ground transition from family-led leadership to elected administration, with many seeking his advice for district Indian superintendent decisions. He was remembered fondly as being sober yet conducting himself with dignity and respect at his funeral services; indeed his large attendance speaks volumes of this respect from within his community.

Net Worth

Barnaby Joyce currently stands as Australia’s leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister. He served in this capacity from February 2016 until October 2017 before assuming this role from December 2017 until February 2018.

Tom Barnaby is not only the main detective from Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby book series but he’s also portrayed by John Nettles on Midsomer Murders, an extremely popular British crime drama series based on her books of the same name; since publication of “The Killing at Badger’s Drift”, Caroline Graham has produced 12 additional novels in her Midsomer Murders series.

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