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The Benefits of a Beard For Gay Men

“Beard” is an antiquated term used to describe a male’s facial hair and social presence. It was originally a social cover for a gay man to hide his sexual orientation. Before the advent of social media, many movie stars had beautiful women date them to hide their homosexual lifestyles. In this way, the beard became a necessary part of society. Today, though, being gay is no longer a social issue.

One study in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior examined gay men’s preferences for facial hair. Researchers surveyed 1,577 men and women from Brazil and the Czech Republic. Among them, gay men preferred male partners with a full beard more than those without. The researchers found that men who had a full beard were more likely to attract long-term partners. This result suggests that hairier stimuli increase male appeal and are therefore attractive to gay men.

James Beard met Julia Child in September 1923. He helped her promote her book and introduced her to people in his circle. At the time, Beard was envious of Julia Child’s success and celebrity on television. She was able to afford her lavish lifestyle despite her aversion to the spotlight and remained discreet about her gay lifestyle. However, Beard’s experience shaped his queerness for decades to come.

While many men enjoy a full beard, women find men with stubble and a softer look more attractive. A heavy stubble is sexier than short stubble. A gay man who doesn’t want to show his facial hair is likely to feel uncomfortable in the company of a woman. In a softer context, a beard can make a man more appealing to women. It can also enhance a man’s social status.

A recent study conducted at the University of Queensland examined the sexual attraction of men with various lengths of facial hair. The researchers examined the evolution of mating psychologies and concluded that men with facial hair produced a stronger response to women than men who shaved their faces. The length of facial hair is also a major factor in women’s attraction to men with beards. A full beard is considered sexy and more desirable in a long-term relationship.

As an example, Beard was famous for his cookbooks. In fact, he was a TV chef in the 1940s, with a regular cooking segment on his NBC show. In this context, his gay identity was a vital part of the fusion of world cuisine and regional fresh foods. In fact, a Texas lemon cake recipe he adapted from a gay friend was the book’s cover picture. Despite the success of his cookbooks, however, he remained secretive about his sexuality.

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