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Becca Kufrin – Bachelor in Paradise Plastic Surgery Revealed

Becca Kufrin is a name you’ll know from NBC’s hit reality TV show The Bachelor. However, the Minnesota native is also a publicist. As such, she has a Twitter following of more than 1.1 million. She co-hosts with Michelle Young on the “Click Bait” podcast, which features a slew of alums from past seasons of The Bachelor.

It’s no secret that Becca is a fan of bling. She has been seen sporting several pairs of gold plated earrings in recent years. On the other hand, she has had more than her fair share of plastic surgery. According to reports, she has had botox, a facelift and liposuction. She has also opted to freeze her eggs in case she wishes to become a mother someday. A few years back, Becca reportedly paid for plastic surgery to improve her facial appearance. She even took to the pool with a Reno, Nevada native in the process.

Despite her extensive cosmetic procedures, Becca still manages to look good in photos. She has a slew of pictures to go along with her Twitter account, many of them with her friends and co-stars. She has also been known to dress up for the occasion and even appeared on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. As for her body, it’s been rumored that Becca has had a boob job. She also has what appears to be an avuncular tummy. This is in contrast to her former partner Garrett Yrigoyen, who had to have a tummy tuck before he could make it to the altar.

Becca Kufrin has been making rounds recently in the media regarding her plastic surgery ventures. The good news is that she has been transparent about her procedures. In fact, she has a thriving social media presence that includes a plethora of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. She has made it a point to take her fans behind the scenes of her latest foray into ABC’s sexiest reality show. And, she has been known to do a few “meet and greets” with her former Bachelor suitors. She also has a small army of fawning fans who take delight in her many ‘likes’. With that said, if she’s not out looking for love, she’s out fishing. And, that’s what she’s most likely to do in the near future.

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