Beefcake South Park

South Park – Beefcake!

South Park will air a new episode titled “Beefcake!” in which Cartman, a nerd from the ’90s, is awarded the prize for winning an essay contest. After winning the prize, Cartman decides to use it to become a strong muscleman. Cartman decides to experiment with a new muscle-building medication. But will it work? Or will his body become too big for his small frame?

From 1997 to 2003, a fan site about South Park, Beef-Cake was maintained. The site was run by Taison Tan, Jonathan “Elvis” Davis, Shannon “Black Bart” Greene, and Kenn “Wolf” Haspel. Beef-Cake provided information on the show and provided a forum for discussion. It also provided news and information about the show. It was part of a site called A South Park Information Center.

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