Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Makeup Tutorial

Michael Keaton played the role of Beetlejuice in the film Beetlejuice. A Beetlejuice costume can be used to recreate his Halloween look. This costume includes a Men’s Black and White Striped Pattern Suit with Van Heusen Men’s Poplin Fitted Dress shirt, a Solid Color Black Tie and Snazaroo classic face paint. To complete your costume, you’ll need Beetlejuice Makeup Tutorial.

To make your own Beetlejuice costume, you’ll need to order the accessories from the Tim Burton movie. This will make your costume more authentic and make everyone gasp in horror! It’s easy to find Beetlejuice accessories to complement your costume. These accessories can transform you from a beehive-style hairpin to a beehive necktie.

The Beetlejuice costume is a fun way to dress up as the titular character in the 1988 Tim Burton film. If you’re into horror films, this costume is the perfect choice. This costume is easy to make using thrift store clothes and makeup. The look can be completed with a wig. Make sure you choose a costume that is in keeping with the film’s theme. For a more sophisticated look, add some makeup, wigs, and other accessories to complete the look.

A Beetlejuice costume can bring Tim Burton’s classic character to life, whether you are a scary ghost or a scared vampire. Costume SuperCenter offers many costumes from the movie, including both adults and kids. Just check out the selections to find the perfect Beetlejuice costume for you. You’ll be delighted with what you find. Once you’ve decided to dress up as Beetlejuice, you’ll be sure to have a memorable Halloween!

To get a Beetlejuice makeup look, you’ll need a white base, which you can create yourself with petroleum jelly and baby powder. Foundation can be used to hide your eyebrows. Apply the white base to your face. Finally, set it with powder. Now you are ready to go! If you’re having trouble finding the perfect white base, consider buying the costume from a vintage clothing store.

You can buy an inexpensive suit at a thrift shop. You don’t need to get the perfect fit, as a rumpled suit will look even better! Choose a white or black suit; both are easy to alter. To create vertical stripes on the pants or coat torso, you can use black or white maskingtape. Alternate between stripes that show the fabric and those that are covered with masking tape.

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