Ben Callard

Ben Callard Debates Philosophy Professor Agnes Callard

Soon after her divorce, UChicago philosophy professor Agnes Callard asked Ben, her former spouse, to debate with her before their students in order to demonstrate how philosophical concepts can be applied directly to real-life issues.

The event was an immense success; yet, it also demonstrated how philosophers often mix work and their personal lives together.

Early Life and Education

Ben Callard holds a BA from Brandeis University, MA from Tufts and PhD from Berkeley. With expertise in ethics and metaphysics with specialties in philosophy of mind, mathematics, and language – as well as speaking on numerous topics at universities worldwide – he remains active within philosophical inquiry today.

At the Night Owls event, professors with experience as once-marrieds discussed everything from whether metaphysically divorce is possible, to why they chose marriage in the first place. Their dialogue attracted so many students that coordinators had to begin turning people away at the door.

At this event, Ben seemed to draw the discussion away from himself and onto more academic concerns.

Professional Career

Callard is widely recognized for his expertise in metaphysics, ethics and mathematics philosophy; in particular he holds strong interests in mind philosophy and existentialism. He has presented papers at multiple forums while defending his ideas through debates; additionally he has published books, articles and podcasts about love, existentialism and marriage as topics of conversation.

Once she started dating her new flame, she saw everything as proof of some greater truth – from coincidences to signs from beyond indicating some greater cosmic alignment – she saw every event as proof that marriage was fake and her own life events as evidence.

Achievement and Honors

Ben has spoken on topics including philosophy of mind, metaphysics and mathematics at events all over the world. He debated Jason Bridges on “Do Minds Exist?” at Night Owls event series before giving a talk titled “The Value of Freedom” at 2017 Humanities Day Conference.

As an instructor of philosophy courses, Ben has taught an extensive array of classes including Introduction to Philosophy of Life, Ethics and Metaphysics; Decision Theory and the Philosophy of Science; co-teaching on marriage and divorce issues with Agnes at UChicago’s Night Owls event was standing room only – both courses earned excellent reviews by their respective classes’ attendees.

Personal Life

Callard’s acquaintances have offered various opinions. One said her public airing of an affair with a student displays disrespect towards those she should care most for — such as her first husband and their children — as well as showing disdain for both students she claims to teach as well as the philosophy of decision theory she claims to teach.

Friends were quick to judge her New Yorker profile as self-absorbed, with men too weak to tell her no. Yet these same friends failed to recognize that her rationalization of id and impulse is standard doctrine on the contemporary left; part of what accounts for why so many Americans can no longer differentiate between right and wrong, nor agree on basic facts like when marriage begins or life starts.

Net Worth

Callard Harris is a professional actor whose acting career serves as his main source of income. Featuring in several popular television series and movies, his talent has brought him both fame and fortune through his performances.

Callard, 38 years old and currently unmarried, was previously reported as dating actress Julie Gonzalo who he supposedly met during production of television series ‘The Originals.’ However, Callard never confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Callard was born May 16, 1982 as a Taurean Christian. His personal life remains extremely private with any details regarding family, children or other relations largely remaining out of the media sphere. An estimate puts Callard’s estimated net worth at around $1 Million.

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