Ben Fraser

Who is Ben Fraser?

Ben Fraser has earned himself a place as an esteemed live PA, taking his distinctive blend of all things deep and dark to venues across the UK and internationally.

Instead of simply restating reductive views of either Marxism or urban theory, this volume’s chapters address more broadly interdisciplinary concerns that now are at the core of scholarship in geography, sociology, history, political science, anthropology and other fields.

Early Life and Education

Fraser hails from Eureka, California and attended Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts before embarking on a distinguished acting and writing career that has seen him appear in over 100 film and TV roles, write numerous book reviews, essays and articles as well as teach at the University of Arizona – as a recognized expert on comics and graphic novels, including Ben Katchor: The Art of Pure Madness; Barcelona City of Comics and Visible Cities Global Comics books among many more!

Fraser joined the Tommie athletic department in 2020 as Senior Associate Athletic Director, Development. In his role, Fraser directs all development efforts of the athletic department including donor and annual giving programs, premium seating initiatives and fan experience projects as well as major gift prospect management and major gift prospect analysis. Fraser oversees an overall comprehensive fundraising strategy which encompasses short, medium and long term goals.

Professional Career

Fraser has appeared in multiple movies throughout his career, such as period coming-of-age drama Dogfight, comedy film Airheads, romantic comedy Dudley Do-Right and horror flick George of the Jungle. Additionally, he played Doom Patrol member Doom Patrol on HBO Max superhero series Doom Patrol.

Fraser is widely respected for his quiet nature. He is generous and solicitous, buying everyone breakfast on set of Gods and Monsters before showing up with a box of baby toys and teddy bear for Chau, who was recently become a mother.

He is also willing to tackle projects that challenge him, such as director Darren Aronofsky’s “Killers of the Flower Moon,” which chronicles an oil conspiracy against Osage Indians during the 1920s.

Achievement and Honors

Fraser first came to prominence during the late ’90s and early 2000s through his roles in School Ties and George of the Jungle. Later that same year he received his first Oscar nomination for The Whale.

He starred in both Demonic and The Strangers, which both earned nominations at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony for Best Picture. However, in November he told GQ that should he be invited again he would decline it out of respect for those involved in making this film series happen.

Fraser has since appeared in a handful of small television roles, such as guest spots on The Good Wife and Into the West. More recently, in 2019, he secured an acting lead role on HBO series The Deuce, portraying an ex-FBI agent turned mobster played by Fraser himself.

Personal Life

Fraser is an American-Canadian actor. Born to Carol Mary (nee Genereux) and Peter Fraser, he holds dual citizenship in both countries. Growing up, his family frequently traveled between Eureka, California; Seattle, Washington; Ottawa, Ontario and London – each time leaving him no choice but to adapt.

Fraser commented in a recent interview that this incident had left him feeling “isolated.” His phone stopped ringing, casting calls were few and far between and he wondered whether or not the HFPA had blacklisted him.

Holden and Leland have grown up alongside him since then; both attended his Oscar win for The Whale performance at 2023’s Academy Awards ceremony and supported their father at home in Stillwater, Minnesota with Danielle as his wife. Together with their children they reside together.

Net Worth

Brendan Fraser has amassed considerable wealth over time and invested some of it wisely, while also making some bad choices that have reduced his overall net worth.

He first made an impactful debut with 1992’s Encino Man, but George of the Jungle would become his breakout role and earn him even more high-profile roles such as Bedazzled and The Mummy series.

Fraser amassed a vast fortune through his earnings alone, yet legal battles with former wife Afton Smith and various health issues took their toll on his wealth. Still, Fraser remains one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors – his net worth currently stands at $20 Million with potential for growth as he acts in movies.

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