Ben Salazar

Ben Salazar, Noncommissioned Officer, Soldier of the Year

Salazar oversees Kamehameha Schools’ Finance Group, including Controller, Treasurer and Treasury divisions. He possesses in-depth knowledge in areas like risk management, debt, financial modeling and long-term planning.

At his habeas hearing, one of Salazar’s trial attorneys testified that she had gone over the probable cause affidavit with him and explained its contents as well as any details on any crimes he was admitting to committing.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Ben was always eager to learn and inquisitive about life. With an expansive heart and generous spirit, he helped all he could. Ben enjoyed playing whiffle ball with his friends and being an outstanding big brother to his younger sisters and brothers. Later in life he took great pleasure playing competitive card games at lunch with co-workers before spending quality time with family.

He began as a facilitator for Dallas Independent School District’s vocational education department and eventually rose to become director of occupational education. While in this role, he established a clear focus for vocational education programs while working to improve technological infrastructure across campuses.

He studies the influence of environmental influences on respiratory health in children using epidemiology, microbial ecology, multi-omics and clinical immunology techniques. His work has been published in leading scientific journals.

Professional Career

He has directed various regional HIV, STD, and hepatitis prevention programs targeting adolescents. Additionally, he has conducted multiple NIH and pharmaceutical industry-funded pediatric and youth HIV clinical trials and long-term follow up studies.

Salazar is an accomplished content marketing expert and storytelling consultant who often serves on panels and gives talks on this subject matter. His passion is crafted into engaging talks by using narrative resources from various disciplines to explain complex ideas related to digital technologies in an accessible fashion.

Salazar has published several articles and book chapters detailing his ethnographic research in Indonesia, Tanzania and Belgium. His multidisciplinary studies focus on mobility and travel; mobility-to-global links; discourses of “Otherness”; heritage brokering services, cosmopolitanism and endurance.

Achievement and Honors

Aberdeen Proving Ground Soldiers proved their excellence on April 30 during a selection board session to win both Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year honors. Sgt. Elizabeth Thompson from 1st Army Medical Laboratory and Spc. Benjamin Salazar of Company B 22nd Chemical Battalion had already won previous NCO and Soldier of Month or Quarter awards within their units and represented Aberdeen Proving Ground’s best performers.

Salazar was also honored to receive both the KC Scholar and Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship awards, enabling him to travel across three different continents outside North America. While attending law school he worked as law clerk first at the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico under Honorable James O. Browning and later with Honorable James Graves Jr. on their legal teams.

Personal Life

Ben Salazar had an immense heart, always there to lend assistance when needed. He was an amazing father to his two children and many other family members; an accomplished carpenter who enjoyed woodworking projects; an endearing sense of humor who could make everyone laugh; he will be greatly missed but will live on through his family and the lives he touched; Ben is survived by his mother Emma; two siblings Tabita Lucero and Esther Fink and several nieces and nephews as well as several animal enthusiasts like himself who enjoyed taking their pups to dog beaches; Ben was also passionate about animals; often taking his dogs with him as an endearing fellow who loved taking his pups to dog beaches where his dogs would meet up!

Net Worth

Salazar serves as both managing director of finance and chief financial officer at Kamehameha Schools. In this capacity, he leads a team responsible for allocating the necessary resources to fund its strategic plans while protecting its endowment in perpetuity.

Rosa Salazar hails from Greenbelt, Maryland and was passionate about acting from an early age, choosing it as her career path. Although her childhood wasn’t easy, she persevered through to achieve her goals with hard work and persistence.

Rosa boasts an impressive net worth of $4 Million. Currently single, she prefers to keep her personal life private; in the past, she had dated Isacc Hilleger but they parted ways after dating briefly. Rosa can often be found active online – boasting over 397 thousand followers on Instagram alone!

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