Ben Templeton

Ben Templeton

Ben established Thought Den, designed a BAFTA-winning game series and lectures internationally on the power of play. Additionally, he assists Triple Tree Aerodrome which operates a non-profit flying a 1947 Piper J-3 Cub.

Templeton’s 1939 investment in USA stocks during World War Two was calculated. He studied geopolitics thoroughly and understood that US industry would need to support the war effort.

Early Life and Education

Templeton was strongly shaped by his family and Belfast’s pre-Presbyterian merchant community during his formative years and education. He attended an innovative coeducational school run by David Manson that prioritized play over corporal punishment; there he made friends with two wealthy merchant families: Joys and McCrackens whom he kept in contact with throughout his life.

Templeton was an avid student of geopolitics who believed long-term stock markets would improve due to human progress. He took advantage of the market crash of 1939 to make significant investments he believed were undervalued – an approach he utilized throughout his career.

Templeton set out from Triple Tree Aerodrome in June 2021 aboard his 1947 Piper J-3 Cub to fly across all 48 U.S. states as part of a challenge and promotion initiative he intended for himself and young aviation enthusiasts alike. On his journey he stopped at 107 predominantly small airports where local aviators provided hangar space, meals, and places for him to sleep – fulfilling both goals with incredible generosity!

Professional Career

Templeton achieved legendary status during his long professional career. A pioneer of contrarian investment methods, his philosophy of capitalizing on pessimism in down markets still resonates today.

Ben graduated with a first class degree in Interactive Media Production and has since worked to craft engaging experiences across video, web, mobile, installation and VR for cultural audiences worldwide. He has spoken at conferences in Dublin, Barcelona and London; written for The Guardian; and led workshops for NESTA (National Energy Technologies Academy for Science & Technology Advancement).

He has invested in various wealth tech startups, such as AdvisorEngine – a platform to manage defined contribution (DC) portfolios. Additionally, he leads Franklin Templeton’s Asia Pacific business and serves as executive sponsor for their sustainability initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

He earned several accolades and awards during his lifetime, such as founding Templeton College at Oxford, which facilitates research into spiritual realities. Additionally, he established both Templeton Foundation and Library in Sewanee Tennessee.

He founded the Templeton Prize to recognize those using science to investigate some of life’s deepest questions – from Mother Teresa of Kolkata and Cicely Saunders (founder of hospice movement) among many others.

In 2021, she was honored by the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) with a leadership award for Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI). She served on their inaugural DEI Executive Council and co-founded an Asian Pacific Islander Business Resource Group within Franklin Templeton.

Personal Life

Templeton believed in frugality and saved most of his income for future use. Furthermore, he was an exceptional philanthropist, creating the Templeton Prize for Progress or Discoveries about Spiritual Realities in 1972.

Templeton focused his investments around low valuation, although he would occasionally purchase more expensive stocks if they offered solid growth prospects. He did not distinguish between value investing and growth investing, preferring instead evaluating each option by considering different valuation metrics.

Templeton took pleasure in surrounding himself with relaxed people during vacations and would often set aside one hour every day to read, study and reflect upon his environment in solitude – preferring this peaceful retreat over Wall Street’s hectic and noisy crowds.

Net Worth

Franklin Templeton Investments currently oversees more than $1.4 trillion in assets under management. Their diversified family of open-end mutual funds offers state and federal tax-free offerings – an area they pioneered.

Franklin Investments span global markets and asset classes. Their investments span equity, fixed income and multi-asset solutions. Furthermore, Franklin offers alternative strategies such as private equity via iCapital Partners, real estate via Clarion Partners and hedge fund strategies via K2 Advisors.

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