Benjamin Barnett

Benjamin Barnett Net Worth

Benjamin Barnett is an internationally recognized and esteemed eDiscovery attorney, having led significant discovery or disclosure projects for significant litigations and government investigations for more than 15 years.

Dr. Barnett approaches his professional work with admiration and respect from peers. Active in Rosedale community life as member of council and mayor.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Barnett found salvation early in life when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, attending Lily of the Valley Baptist Church in Fincastle, Virginia and serving in the U.S. Army where he earned several accolades: Good Conduct Medal, Rifle Sharp Shooter Badge and Pistol Marksman Badge.

He served his church and family by acting as both deacon and coach for their youth athletic team. Additionally, he assisted with other aspects of church ministry. Above all else, he was committed to both God and his family.

Born July 26th 1990. Best known as part of Elektrolytes dance crew that won Season 7 of America’s Best Dance Crew competition. Father to three daughters; Rabbi at Beit Am (pluralistic Jewish community in Corvallis).

Professional Career

He enjoys an extensive practice in this county and has earned the respect of his peers. As an elected councilmember and prominent figure in public affairs here, he has established himself as an influential voice. Furthermore, his name can also be found frequently mentioned within business circles due to his successful service as vice-president of Commercial State Bank.

Ben has proven his abilities as an adept litigator in complex commercial and civil matters ranging from intellectual property disputes, class action suits, discovery disputes and more. In particular, Ben is adept at handling key discovery disputes in numerous federal and state court cases; representing IT executives at hearings and depositions while working effectively with multiple special masters for discovery issues.

As a trombonist, Ben has collaborated with artists such as Arturo O’Farrill and the Grammy-Award winning Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra. Furthermore, he founded Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

Achievement and Honors

In 2020, Barnett and his Dechert team won the North American Innovation Lawyer Award from Financial Times for their work on Airbus investigation. He currently coaches an United States Masters Swimming workout group which began back in September 2008.

As one of Philadelphia’s first live political webcasters (1999), and having produced LIVE and on demand bilingual programming for both RNC and DNC conventions in 2000. He established Media Bureau Network (MBN), one of the first original content networks on the web that produced many independent films, music videos and digital strategy campaigns; additionally serving as Executive Producer/Creative Director on several film, television and media projects with an inborn talent for forging alliances and drawing out the best in people.

Personal Life

Benjamin Barnett has held many professional roles during his lifetime. These have included being a rabbi and teaching Jewish studies; leading a pluralistic Jewish community in Corvallis, Oregon; wilderness guide; leading programs for mentally ill adults.

He is the author of “The 1814 Raid of US Privateer Midas on Royal Island, Bahamas”, has presented his research at numerous conferences and has written for magazines and journals.

Wark family history document claims that Benjamin was “the leading planter on Royal Island”, but no evidence has come forward supporting such a position. Perhaps a feature of his plantation stood out among others? Unfortunately this remains unclear.

Net Worth

Benjamin Barnett’s net worth has been estimated between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars, gained through his work as a Dancer. Competing nationally with Elektrolytes Dance Crew and winning HHI America Adult Division title. Furthermore, he made several TV appearances alongside American’s Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez.

Expertise in integrating content market places into Real Estate Buying and Selling ecosystems; adept in new technology integration as well as media/analyst relations for B2B/C development.

Recent experience includes leading the disclosure strategy for the Airbus investigation worldwide which resulted in same-day resolution among authorities from France, UK and US in 2020. Working within a Virtual Law Firm created for his client by him he designed and implemented an approach designed to accelerate evidence identification and production.

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