Benjamin Cooley

Benjamin Cooley

Benjamin Cooley has an exceptional passion for music. He plays guitar and sings in a band while also taking an interest in visual arts and FPV drone racing. Residing in Springfield Massachusetts.

He loves Simon & Garfunkel’s folky, delicate music.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Cooley was born and raised at the University of Michigan. His parents, a Supreme Court justice and professor of law respectively, were highly ambitious individuals seeking to advance themselves professionally through professional success. Unfortunately for their shy son Benjamin Cooley however, his drive left him feeling powerless to compete against it; thus becoming reclusive; something which would remain with him throughout his life.

Ben began acting during high school after landing a small part in a non-profit children’s production of The Sound of Music and soon discovered how powerfully songs could tell stories. Since then he has been acting professionally, appearing most recently as Junie B Jones in Jingle Bells Batman Smells and Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical.

Professional Career

Cooley is an experienced litigator and advisor, representing clients in complex and high-profile matters. His practice includes commercial litigation, product liability claims and internal investigations; regularly representing tech and life sciences companies before courts and international arbitration institutions.

He offers advice to companies on how to effectively handle global reputational issues and business-critical incidents, and has extensive experience advising, conducting multijurisdictional investigations and helping with compliance-related matters such as antitrust laws, sanctions regulations and export controls.

On September 20, 1979, Cooley gave notice that he would retire at the end of 1979-80 academic year; however, this notice was conditional upon receiving an incentive pay of $3,000 as incentive pay for transitional duties not included within his base salary.

Personal Life

Ben has an avid interest in music and theatre. From an early age he found his true calling: acting. In high school he appeared in as many non-profit children’s musical productions as possible to hone his craft.

Benjamin Cooley achieved far beyond average competence during his life and through savvy business practices made sufficient wealth for his family’s activities. Both Benjamin and Sarah, his widow who died shortly thereafter, were interred at Springfield’s “burying place”, close to the church he helped construct.

An early DNA test has produced a 37-marker match to John Cooley of Roane County, Tennessee (CF01), presumed son of Charles. This link may open new avenues of investigation as to where and when these Cooleys originated.

Net Worth

Benjamin Cooley is currently making waves on Broadway with The Simon and Garfunkel Story (Non-Equity). This musical has proven an enormous hit among audiences and earned critical acclaim, and Cooley himself could not be happier about his latest career move! Born and raised in Queens New York, Cooley couldn’t be happier about taking up such an ambitious challenge.

Property was bordered on three sides by water: west by the Great River, north by his mill lott, and south by his own land. A road ran down into his meadow before going back up towards highway through wooded area of property owned by himself – nearly reaching to the summit of hill.

He received the grant on February 16, 1657 [Burt, Vol. I, page 170].

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