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Benjamin Eastman Honors

Benjamin Eastman was an active, happy and social 16-year-old from Randle, Washington. His father BJ was used to seeing Ben move freely between family members’ houses on June 24, so when he didn’t hear from Ben on that evening he wasn’t concerned.

He never imagined this would be his last night alive.

Early Life and Education

Ben Eastman was an entertaining and likeable young boy who enjoyed spending time with his friends. He enjoyed exploring nature and riding dirt bikes.

Lydia Marquez was 14-years-old at the time. Benjamin later apologized via Snapchat and offered to buy her Plan B, so she informed both her mother and best friend but they advised her against talking about it further. She told both that something happened but they told her to keep quiet about it.

Three years after Benjamin’s death, new information became known. Talitha Hazelton of TeamChild filed a motion to vacate Benny’s conviction and sentence due to ineffective legal representation by court-appointed counsel who failed to fully examine all evidence in his case; also accused by investigators of misleading them into thinking Jonathon and Benny had lured Benjamin into the woods under pretense of camping before beating him to death.

Professional Career

Benjamin Warsaw is an award-winning pianist, teacher and accompanist. A graduate of Eastman School of Music with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees under his belt, Benjamin has performed concerts all across North America and Europe.

Since 2007, he has performed as first trombon, euphonium and bass trumpet with the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra of New York; Delta Symphony Orchestra in Greenville Mississippi; Northern Michigan Brass Band as principal euphonium player; as well as teaching at University of Vermont.

He wants to continue the town’s work while keeping residents informed. Meetings should be posted as soon as possible and national political issues shouldn’t influence local conversations; for these reasons he’s running for a seat on the Colrain Selectboard alongside Joseph Kurland and Benjamin Eastman.

Achievement and Honors

Honors are given to students whose cumulative GPA places them in the top 8 percent of their major. A committee reviews student records for consideration for cum laude honors; these honors recognize broad engagement with coursework outside their primary major, completion of minors or additional coursework and broader engagement with curriculum in general.

B.J. Eastman last saw his son Ben alive around midnight on June 24, less than one week after his 16th birthday. They had been relaxing around a campfire and laughing over poor performance in one of their favorite games when suddenly Ben disappeared without trace and authorities later discovered his body on remote local land.

Personal Life

Ben was an upbeat and engaging young man, enjoying playing sports and spending time in nature. He had an avid passion for music that enabled him to connect with people easily; this gift also translated to teaching first-year undergraduate written theory classes engagingly. Furthermore, Ben held extensive professional experience as a keyboardist for jazz and pop ensembles.

Ben’s father, BJ, initially did not experience much concern when his son failed to call. Since he often traveled between their Randle home and those of his mother and another relative for visits, but when he did not return as expected – BJ reported him missing on June 27.

Benny and Jonathon allegedly lured Ben into the woods under the pretense of taking him camping, only to assault and sexually abuse him repeatedly while also beating him constantly.

Net Worth

Ben Eastman was 16 when he vanished into Lewis County woods with the help of Benny Marquez and Jonathon Adamson, whom they convinced to join them under false pretenses of going camping. Once there, according to reports they allegedly shaken and kicked him repeatedly for about 45 minutes as well as violated him with a stick.

After Jonathon was attacked, Kindra Adamson and Jonathon’s fiancee also buried him and falsified information given to police about where Jonathon had been located. All three have since plead guilty for providing criminal assistance in this case.

Two brothers were recently found guilty of first-degree murder and will spend the remainder of their lives behind bars. BJ Eastman, Benjamin’s father, requested sitting front row during their trial so he can face their killers directly and confront his son’s killers directly.

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