Benjamin Goluboff

Benjamin Goluboff

Benjamin Goluboff is an American poet, essayist, and scholar whose work has appeared in several small press journals. He currently teaches English at Lake Forest College; his speculative biographical poetry book entitled Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse is forthcoming with Urban Farmhouse Press.

In his Blackstone Review essay, he uses biking through Englewood as an avenue to consider the white gaze.

Early Life and Education

Risa Goluboff is an internationally recognized legal historian specializing in American constitutional and civil rights law during its historical development during the 20th century. She served as dean at University of Virginia School of Law for its inaugural year before going on to teach history at UVa as a professor and become affiliated scholar at Miller Center and Carter G Woodson Institute respectively, publishing two award-winning books as well as numerous shorter works.

She has written or co-written several scholarly books and contributed many articles in esteemed journals. Additionally, she frequently appears as an expert guest on radio and podcast programs.

Goluboff is currently writing her third book on the role courts and lawyers play in upholding civil rights. Additionally, she teaches American literature at Lake Forest College.

Professional Career

Ben was an intellectual of the first order; an avid reader with an outstanding intellect. He could recall any legal, literary or scientific works he had reviewed over time and loved to engage in debate on them.

Goluboff currently serves as the 12th and first female dean of UVA School of Law and is widely acknowledged for her scholarship on American constitutional and civil rights law, having written two books as well as numerous shorter works.

She was instrumental in leading a response from UVA following the Unite the Right protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017. She led a team of faculty members and experts from Margolis Healy & Associates who reviewed state laws, weapons policies at UVA, security tools on campus and UVA security tools – in addition to leading an on-campus seminar at Chicago’s Newberry Library to expand students research horizons.

Achievement and Honors

Professors David George (Modern Languages and Literature) and Benjamin Goluboff (English) from Lake Forest College describe the ACM Newberry Seminar as a “little piece of heaven.” Each year, it sends students to Chicago’s Newberry Library to expand their academic research horizons. Faculty also enjoy working together during this unique seminar experience; Goluboff and George are among only a select few to have led it more than once; their coauthored book Flat Light: Speculative Biographical Verse is currently available from Urban Farmhouse Press while they are currently developing Lives and Times with Alternating Current Press.

Personal Life

Benjamin Goluboff is an English professor at Lake Forest College. His writing has appeared in both scholarly and small-press publications; as well as fiction, short stories and nonfiction prose for magazines like American Studies Quarterly Review Northwest Review.

Law & Order was his debut as a writer before expanding to other shows such as Project Blue Book and Nip/Tuck, represented by CAA and Underground Management respectively.

Fans of NBC procedurals are in for an exciting Benson-Stabler drama this season, as showrunner David Graziano and Law & Order: SVU spinoff creator Bryan Goluboff have teased that both series will share major storylines that cross over.

Net Worth

Benjamin Goluboff boasts an estimated net worth of more than $300 Million. He amassed this fortune through investments and business ventures. Additionally, Benjamin is known to be an exceptionally generous philanthropist; donating significant sums of money to various charitable causes while serving on numerous non-profit boards – chair of Virginia Historical Society; member of American Academy of Arts & Sciences and distinguished lecturer for Organization of American Historians among them. Since 1984 he has been married to Jacqueline Camille Perret with whom he has had three children as well as one grandchild.

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