Benjamin Haycraft

Benjamin Haycraft

Benjamin Haycraft currently serves as Plug Power’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development in Europe. In this capacity, he provides guidance to the Company on its European strategy while exploring external growth opportunities as well as overseeing deployment of green hydrogen generation and distribution infrastructure throughout Europe.

The factory horn was an invaluable device that could effectively cut through the noise generated by punch presses and conveyor belts, as well as notify employees about potential dangers such as exploding steam pipes or low water tank levels.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Plug is an accomplished and ambitious individual with an ambition to be the best at what he does. Through creativity and hard work, his success lies in entertainment – particularly live shows and events. At Plug, Benjamin serves as Executive Vice President of EMEA region and takes part in strategic initiatives, driving business growth initiatives as well as identifying partnerships and structuring acquisitions.

Professional Career

Ben is an accomplished commercial real estate professional specializing in retail services with an emphasis on landlord and tenant representation. His extensive market knowledge allows him to consistently produce successful outcomes for his clients.

Ben serves as a partner in the firm’s Financial Regulatory and Compliance Practice and assists banks, FinTechs, consumer and commercial lenders, payment companies, officers, directors and investors with high-stakes regulatory, enforcement, litigation matters involving compliance authorities such as CFPB, DOJ, FTC, HUD OCC AML/BSA etc. Ben regularly represents his clients before regulatory agencies such as CFPB DOJ FTC HUD OCC OCC and state financial services authorities enforcement actions against their clients.

Ben enjoys running, swimming and traveling – his refrigerator boasts magnets from each place he’s visited! Married and with one son living in Orange County he also possesses a passion for writing.

Achievement and Honors

Plug’s nearly 400 inventions include switches, sockets, lamps and signal horns; however he also revolutionized the soundscape of modern factories with improved signal horns or klaxons that could cut through the noise created by punch presses, screw machines, conveyor belts and daydreaming executives. Furthermore, Benjamin Electric employees enjoyed regular company outings to foster community through sports teams, bowling leagues and glee clubs that worked towards building bonds of friendship – with even hosting an entertaining talent show!

Personal Life

Personal Description of Ben: In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Additionally, Ben loves cooking and tennis – two passions which bring great fulfillment in life. Ben firmly stands behind individual freedom to choose their path in this world.

He is an avid Minecraft player and features Ledessa at the end of each video while shouting. Additionally, he has created Joker Uncle Ben who speaks out against contemporary society’s intricacies, as well as rampages across his Ranch.

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Net Worth

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Benjamin began by recruiting students to skip school and camp outside sneaker stores to purchase limited edition shoes at discounted prices for resale, before expanding his business by selling those same sneakers to customers such as DJ Khaled and other celebrities and athletes – such as professional athlete Bryce Harper and actor Robert Downey Jr.

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