Benjamin LeFevre

Benjamin LeFevre

Benjamin lefever is the founder and president of Certintell Telehealth Solutions, providing remote patient monitoring devices to low-income communities. At present, it serves around 10,000 patients.

He has worked as both vocal technician and audio engineer with Robert Plant on three albums: Pictures at Eleven, The Principle of Moments and Shaken n’ Stirred.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin LeFevre was born in Weedsport, New York. After attending Dumont High School as the valedictorian of his class and graduating Hope College in Holland Michigan with honors, he joined the military. Later he earned a Master of Divinity degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary before retiring after several years’ service to Saratoga Springs with grandchildren Sarah and Hannah of Saratoga Springs NY; also survived by wife Nancy; sons Stephen, Lori Cherry (Steven), grandson Steven, brother Gifford LeFevre as well as many nieces and nephews he loved golfing, cross country skiing with family as well as traveling – often camping together during summer vacations!

Professional Career

Benjamin Lefever graduated with a degree in Mass Communications before working for over two decades as a Health Care Sales and Marketing professional for industry giants Eli Lilly and Company and Genentech. Later, he founded Certintell Telehealth which connects providers to patients via remote patient monitoring services.

The entrepreneur believes his telehealth platform stands out from others because it addresses private mental health providers in the Midwest with high cancellation rates, solving their common issue. Furthermore, he’s actively building relationships with Employee Assistance Plans and employers who are interested in making this type of healthcare available to their employees.

Lefever is confident that his company can fulfill much of this need, having already assisted up to 1,000 clients during its inaugural year of operation.

Personal Life

Benjamin LeFevre is an outstanding family man, closely connected to his wife Nancy. Together they often camp and travel throughout the US exploring new places. Additionally he enjoys golfing and cross country skiing as hobbies; has an amazing sense of humor, is always willing to assist others and is an invaluable member of any company – making Benjamin an asset worth keeping close by!

Ben is deeply committed to healthcare equity, an issue close to his heart as multiple members of his family face health challenges. Utilizing his business acumen and skillset, he founded ProEquity as a company to assist patients from different conditions gain access to care. Ben takes great pleasure working alongside colleagues at ProEquity.

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