Benjamin Pachev

Benjamin Pachev Runs in Crocs

Benjamin Pachev made headlines last weekend by taking part in the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis without wearing running shoes, instead opting to run in Crocs instead.

He is one of ten children in his family, and according to his father he encouraged them to wear Crocs instead of running shoes as it is more economical. Unconventional footwear did not seem to slow them down much however!

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Pachev was born in Russia and moved to the United States when he was 11. As an 11-year-old he discovered his talent for distance running; initially it took shape through basketball and soccer but he found greater enjoyment running marathons during junior high school. By this point he had completed his first half marathon before leaving on his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; upon return home his times improved even more rapidly!

Sports Illustrated and Runners World both took notice when he finished 16th at the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in 1:11:53, drawing widespread media coverage. He trains six days a week while all his children participate. On start lines, however, his unusual choice of running footwear – Crocs sandals made famous by fashion crimes – often raise eyebrows.

Professional Career

Benjamin Pachev hit the ground running upon returning from Ukraine, and has continued his rapid ascent ever since. Recently he competed in a half marathon and placed 16th with an astounding time of 1:11:53 while wearing Crocs footwear! His accomplishment is even more notable considering he did it all wearing them!

Foam-made clogs originally intended for boating, swimming and beach use have become quite popular among runners as a comfortable, lightweight running shoe option.

Pachev and his family use Crocs shoes exclusively in all their training, and claim they can last him up to 2,000 miles – they also tend to cost less than traditional running shoes, typically running between $20-30 depending on the model.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Pachev hit the ground running upon returning from his mission in Ukraine. Within one week of returning, he had started competing in half marathons with no hesitation whatsoever – all thanks to the encouragement and support from his family! Sarah and Sasha Pachev have created an environment conducive to running within the household where six days a week training sessions take place; even more impressively he finished in 1:06:33 in Crocs for Utah Valley Half Marathon race! Runners World was impressed enough with his accomplishment to publish an article featuring him!

Personal Life

Benjamin Pachev made an immediate impact upon returning from Ukraine, running a half marathon only days later – placing fourth overall with an overall time of 1 hour, 6 minutes, 33 seconds! His family shared video footage of this amazing run online.

What grabbed everyone’s attention was his unique choice of footwear – Crocs! Instead of running shoes like most people wear.

He explained that his father and six of their children all wear flip flops as they are more cost-effective and comfortable than running shoes, as well as more effective at preventing blisters.

18-year-old Daniel Anderson is an aspiring runner who wants to improve his time so as to qualify for Olympic trials. Having already obtained his BYU Bachelor’s in Mathematics degree, Daniel plans on going further by earning his Ph.D. in computational science.

Net Worth

Benjamin Pachev is an impressive 18 year-old runner who has already found great success running, picking up skills during his mission that have enabled him to perform at his best on the track. However, in 2017 at Indianapolis’ 500 Festival Mini-Marathon race Benjamin made headlines due to running all 26 miles while wearing Crocs (flimsy shoes designed for boating, swimming and beach-going). While many runners were taken aback at this sighting of him running wearing them and finishing 16th with a time of 1:11:53 while Sasha followed shortly behind with 1:17:26 time.

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