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Benjamin Perfume Review

Perfumes offer an unforgettable sensory experience, from creating vivid memories to invoking feelings like love, happiness and fear.

Benjamin Firmenich is a fourth-generation perfumer who heads up his family company. His style is relaxed yet refined: he prefers black T-shirts with lumberjack checks, artfully worn denim pieces and trainers as part of his signature look.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Marie Francois Charles Spoturno (fRaswa koti), one of the Coty family, established his namesake perfume company in 1904. With La Rose Jacqueminot as its flagship fragrance, Joseph rose to international renown.

Gorham, born and raised in Stockholm to a mother with Indian heritage and father who is half-Scottish/half-French Canadian, initially studied art school. However, an accidental encounter with perfumer Pierre Wulff led him down a different path as they both discovered they both preferred creating scents rather than paintings for expression of creativity.

Gorham had no formal training in perfumery but hired world-renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette to assist him in developing his fragrance line, byredo (Swedish for fragrance). Since then, Byredo has expanded to offer small leather goods, furniture, scented candles and outdoor clothing as well as fragranced products.

Professional Career

Gorham hails from Stockholm with roots that span Canada, the US and Sweden – his multi-cultural background provides him with a distinct path he’s made all his own. As a perfumer who considers perfumery an art that transforms memories into scents — his creative approach challenges norms while pushing industry creativity to new levels.

Since founding Byredo, Gorham has pioneered an elegant yet genderless line of fragrances that quickly captured fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld and Virgil Abloh’s attention. Additionally, his contemporary take on perfumery has been celebrated through collaborations with artists, musicians, and other cultural groups.

Gorham’s unique perspective of style and culture can be seen throughout his selection of scents, leather goods, and home interior products.

Achievement and Honors

Fragrance Foundation honored Benjamin for his leadership and contributions in the fragrance industry, serving as mentor for next generation and speaking at universities about careers in fragrance.

Benjamin’s company produces scents for leading luxury brands such as Chanel Parfums, Hermes Parfums, Sisely fragrances, Tom Ford perfumes and Thierry Mugler Parfums among many others. Additionally, Benjamin consults with independent perfumers and offers custom creations.

Ben Whishaw plays Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from Perfume: The Story of a Murderer with an intense sense of smell who uses this gift to craft beautiful perfume that repels soldiers sent to execute him. Amouage created two new fragrances called Honour Woman and Honor Man in 2011, inspired by Madame Butterfly and featuring top notes of rhubarb, peppercorns and coriander as well as heart notes like gardenia tuberose jasmine lily-of-the-valley carnations all with base notes including amber frankincense Vetiver and Opoponax.

Personal Life

Gorham Gorham is a 6-foot-5 native Swede with Indian roots who was raised between Toronto and New York before attending art school in Stockholm and graduating. Although initially interested in painting, perfume became his preferred means of self-expression as an easy way to translate memories and share experiences through scent.

He sought out expert perfumers like Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, communicating his desired aromas before having them create his compositions. Each fragrance tells its own olfactory tale; bottles contain numbers indicating how many stages (or modifications) it underwent before being sold commercially.

He’s added his creative touch to an assortment of products, including leather goods, furniture and clothing lines designed by Charlotte Chesnais as well as footwear and surf gear.

Net Worth

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Paris Hilton, born into one of the world’s most powerful dynasties, has amassed an astonishing net worth through hard work and wise stock investments. She holds positions on Firmenich’s executive board and owns her own perfume brand; additionally she plays on her polo team and frequents restaurants. Recently she has also taken an increasingly active role at Caron Fragrances Ltd despite significant losses which she designs bottles for as well as attending meetings alongside mother Ariane de Rothschild.

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