Benjamin Pixie

Benjamin Pixie

Most people think of Ireland when they think of picturesque rolling hills and peaceful countryside cottages; but Irish comedy crime caper Pixie will show another side to this stunning country.

Olivia Cooke plays Pixie, an ambitious woman determined to avenge her mother’s death and escape their small town. However, when her plans go awry and two misfits intervene she finds herself forced into teaming up with them in order to succeed in her mission.

Early Life and Education

Ben was introduced to guitar at age 9 and quickly fell under its spell, devouring music from John Scofield, Joe Pass, Herbie Hancock and Freddie Hubbard among many others. At University of Utah he studied jazz guitar as part of their jazz ensembles while also spending his free time learning from top jazz guitar players such as Herbie Hancock.

Benjamin first encountered Maeyoka Brightheart on a lovely June afternoon, where they instantly fell in love and now spend their days tending hives, harvesting plants and creating medicines from nature’s bounty.

Explore Steamboat met up with Ben Weiss, mandolin player for Pixie and the Partygrass Boys, to gain more insight into this band. It’s a unique mix of bluegrass-partygrass-jazz-funk that brings good times wherever they travel! Their songs offer humorous lyrics while spreading good cheer wherever they travel.

Professional Career

Benjamin Pixie fell in love with honeybees soon after capturing his first swarm and soon established an apicultural enterprise. From enthusiast to apiarist quickly followed – tending hives, harvesting herbal medicine and producing mead. Committed to holistic and ecological approaches for beekeeping and mead making.

He and Maeyoka Brightheart co-manage Skalitude, a 160 acre meadow, retreat center, and regenerative farm where they live with their children, bees, wild plants, and beehives – sharing lessons of reciprocity and interconnectedness taught by nature through herbal meads produced there.

Colm Meaney is an award-winning actor known for his roles in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Layer Cake and Gangs of London. With an avid passion for filmmaking and an eagerness to collaborate on new projects.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Pixie is an internationally renowned honeybeekeeper and mead maker with an emphasis on herbal medicine. His mead and honey are created using all-natural, unprocessed ingredients and his approach is treatment free; furthermore he and his family also manage a 160 acre bee sanctuary called Skalitude.

He and Maeyoka Brightheart met for the first time on an idyllic meadow on an early June afternoon in 2013. Their partnership quickly developed out of their mutual appreciation of honeybees and wild places; Maeyoka brought decades of experience tending hives, working with herbs, and further embodying lessons of reciprocity and interconnectedness that were imparted from bees and plants alike.

Their team consists of an inspiring and industrious network of friends and family who are dedicated to spreading the magic of bees everywhere they can, including small farms and blueberry bogs throughout Western Cascadia.

Personal Life

Benjamin Pixie began making mead before reaching legal drinking age and captured his first swarm in 2006–coincidentally around when Colony Collapse Disorder first gained recognition. Since then, The Pixie Honey Company has grown from an enthusiastic hobby into a full-fledged enterprise which manages over 200 hives pollinating organic blooms throughout Thurston County.

He employs natural beekeeping practices, which eschew chemical pesticides and antibiotics on his hives in favor of using herbs, essential oils and other remedies to promote bee health and strengthen their colonies.

Ben and Erin Napier wed in Oxford, Mississippi at Oxford University’s historic Paris Yates Chapel and are parents to Helen. In 2021, they announced they are expecting another child together and this will mark their second baby together.

Net Worth

As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be $3 Million. Additionally, she is also an accomplished singer who has appeared on several television programs such as X Factor UK and Celebrity Juice.

She is currently dating Olivia Cooke, whom she met while filming Pixie. They reportedly reside together in Primrose Hill in London.

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