Benjamin Realtor

Benjamin Realtor

Benjamin is a full-time real estate agent dedicated to delivering outstanding service for his clients throughout the home buying and selling processes. His primary aim is to exceed each of their expectations at every turn.

When working with buyers, he starts the process by discussing their needs and wants as well as inquiring into any previous real estate experiences they may have had.

Early Life and Education

Growing up, Benjamin Realtor did everything in his power to support his family financially. From working as a paperboy and in real estate offices to even serving as a janitor – no matter the sacrifice – Ben never abandoned his ambition of becoming an attorney despite these difficult circumstances.

Ben was able to fulfill his goals with an accomplished real estate career, working with both first time homebuyers and experienced investors to locate properties tailored specifically for them. Ben brings a fresh approach and strives for excellence when representing his clients; he’s also an exceptional leader, forming strong connections across his community while indulging in CrossFit training and cooking during his leisure time!

Professional Career

As a real estate professional, Benjamin recognizes the importance of maintaining integrity, commitment and communication with his clients to ensure a positive buying or selling experience and overall success in every way.

Ben previously held an investment management role with a real estate investment group where he oversaw all aspects of investment management, from project planning to talent acquisition and training.

Ben is a top Realtor due to his hard work ethic, strong interpersonal skills and marketing knowledge – just some of the many factors contributing to his success as an agent. Passionate about helping his clients meet their goals and dreams while possessing enough drive and energy to move himself forward at all times.

Achievement and Honors

Ben and his team are widely recognized as one of the premier luxury residential real estate teams in the country, recognized for their unparalleled sales performance, innovative marketing ideas, knowledge of 7 languages spoken fluently and dedication to client care.

Ben has extensive knowledge of Connecticut, having grown up in Haddam. He gained experience both in construction and sales; additionally he served as a D1 baseball coach, helping young athletes realize their dreams of becoming professional athletes.

As a multi-family investment broker, Ben has successfully closed deals totaling more than $5 billion over the last decade. His contributions include overseeing several alternative investment projects and being on Freedom to Marry’s board of directors; his vast knowledge of both commercial and residential real estate make him an invaluable resource to any client.

Personal Life

Ben has an exceptional knack for developing trusting relationships with his clients and always keeps their best interests at heart during what can be one of the biggest investments of their lives. This approach allows him to streamline the real estate process and meet or surpass their expectations.

Ben relishes spending his free time with his family and exploring everything Katy has to offer, such as surfing Narragansett or exercising and watching sunsets from his boat.

Benjamin is also an enthusiastic board member for Teens to Trails, an organization that provides transformative outdoor experiences for high school students. Ben enjoys volunteering and is keen on giving back to his community – always striving to be a good neighbor!

Net Worth

A person’s net worth can be defined as the difference between their assets and liabilities – such as credit card debt, mortgage payments and student loans – that make up their finances. Assets include things such as retirement accounts, investment accounts and cars while liabilities include home equity loans, credit card debt and auto loans.

Tracking your net worth can help provide insight into how assets are growing and where improvements should be made. A positive net worth indicates that assets outweigh liabilities and indicates wealth-building potential.

Ben is passionate about real estate and loves connecting with people and listening to their needs and providing them with exceptional service and experience. He is proud to be part of Worth Clark Realty and looks forward to helping you reach your real estate goals.

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