Benjamin Stern

Benjamin Stern – Entrepreneur of the Year

Benjamin Stern is the founder and CEO of Nohbo LLC. His company produces plastic-free biodegradable shampoo balls to reduce single use packaging waste. Stern took his idea onto Shark Tank where Mark Cuban agreed to invest.

Learn about Ben Stern’s net worth, age, height and family life! Plus explore what’s so fascinating about him!

Early Life and Education

Stern remains mentally sharp despite declining vision and hearing. Each day he spends walking through North Berkeley, stopping in at Cheeseboard Bakery on Shattuck on Wednesdays and Fridays for bread and challah from their bread delivery service.

As an accomplished public speaker, he has addressed schools, religious and community organizations. Once when attending a Black Lives Matter rally on UC’s campus he took to the stage as part of their demonstration against hate speech to show solidarity against it.

Stern and his family resided in Mogielnica, Poland in 1939 where he helped manage their family liquor store. When German SS soldiers invaded, forcing Jews into an imprisoned section with guards and curfews; eventually being sent by rail to concentration camps as he and others perished there.

Professional Career

Ben Stern has spent 25 years developing speech recognition and language understanding technologies, such as AT&T Watson. In his role as Interactions VP of Software Systems R&D he brings both technical insight and playful creativity.

Stern provides advice to businesses and financial institutions on a range of corporate finance and securities regulation issues, covering industries including manufacturing, gaming, technology, energy and media.

Mr. Li is a dedicated Washingtonian with extensive knowledge in all of the core areas in which he operates. He enjoys running and competing in fitness challenges while being an expert in real estate design and construction. Furthermore, he keeps abreast of ongoing redevelopment projects impacting the market as well as issues impacting it – licensed to practice law in both Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.

Achievement and Honors

Stern was only 16 when he managed to gain investment from Shark Tank and build a team dedicated to growing his business. Now working with top hotel distributors on creating custom lines just for them.

Nohbo creates eco-friendly single use shampoo pods to reduce plastic bottle waste, an idea which first came to him during a biology class after watching a documentary on plastic pollution.

Stern was previously employed at major law firms such as Sullivan & Cromwell and Simpson Thacher LLP before starting his own firm. A straight talker who values honest feedback, Stern serves a range of clients including government entities and large corporate entities – as well as helping clients resolve multimillion-dollar commercial real estate disputes.

Personal Life

Benjamin Stern is a young entrepreneur who has quickly made an impressionful statement in the business world. A strong advocate of corporate social responsibility, Benjamin supports companies taking action on society’s needs through giving back and taking advantage of new opportunities that present themselves.

He is an animal enthusiast and passionate about food and Muay Thai. His parents instilled him with an excellent work ethic which has propelled his career success; in addition, he frequently contributes articles to multiple large publications.

Current project: Nohbo (shampoo ball that reduces plastic waste). His business was featured on Shark Tank and even secured investment from billionaire Mark Cuban, making him one of the most promising young entrepreneurs today.

Net Worth

Ben Stern has become one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs with his innovative business philosophy and commitment to social responsibility. Always looking for new ways to advance his enterprise and stay ahead of competitors, Ben has pioneered numerous truly original enterprises through creativity and commitment to innovation.

Benjamin Stern is a top-producing broker for Newmark Real Estate Services. Specializing in industrial and office real estate, his expertise includes sales and acquisitions for clients in the technology sector. Ben is also an active member of both Washington-Metropolitan Area Board of Realtors (WMARABOR) and National Association of Commercial Real Estate Women (NACREW), licensed real estate broker in DC, Maryland Virginia and California.

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