Benjamin Terry

Benjamin Terry

Terry and Lubbock traveled to the East Coast in July 1861 in search of a commission to raise a cavalry regiment, and their request was granted by the War Department.

Robert Dunham C’80 had little respect for Benjamin Terry. At first glance, it appeared he was only interested in murder; but there was much more going on beneath the surface.

Early Life and Education

Terry played football and ran track throughout his academic studies and college. Despite receiving two offers to join professional teams, Terry declined both.

He enjoyed cars immensely, hosting Indy 500 parties and watching car racing telecasts on television. Additionally, he attended Monterey Historic Auto Races more than 15 times.

In 1998, he and his wife relocated to Grand Junction, Colorado. Working the early shift at Fedex allowed him to get onto the mountain before lifts opened for skiing or snowboarding.

He enjoyed camping and hiking in national parks. He was passionate about spending time with his family, telling stories about his great grandkids. Additionally, he taught young men at Jefferson County trade schools – many considered him their second father – under the banner “skiing is a lifetime sport”. His mantra often encouraged people to try new mountains while honing their skills.

Professional Career

In 1979, Benjamin Terry attacked and killed a prison guard, setting in motion an eventful series of events which eventually led to him facing execution. Robert Dunham C’80 from Philadelphia law firm Cozen O’Connor saw another side to this case.

He recruited a Philadelphia law firm to file a stay motion at Montgomery County court where Terry was scheduled for execution for killing three individuals and two additional counts.

Benjamin has become well known as an acting teacher and certified Linklater Teacher as well as voice and speech coach for theatre and film. He has directed Gregory Mosher’s DREAM PLAY for stage, Victor Maog’s URINETOWN and TROILUS AND CRESSIDA for cinema as well as numerous other plays written for stage performance. Additionally he has appeared on dozens of national commercials as well as recordings.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin has received multiple accolades and awards during his career, such as being showcased in both volumes 96 and 132 of New American Paintings, numerous solo and group exhibits nationwide and having his works displayed by Kirk Hopper Fine Arts and Circuit12 Contemporary among many other venues.

Longmont’s EFAA and OUR Center, where he served for 33 years as executive director. For this outstanding performance, the Colorado Nonprofit Association honored him with the Colorado Nonprofit Award as well as Daily Camera Lifetime Achievement Pacesetter Award. Despite the difficult nature of his job, family members praise his knack for finding ways to bring humor and positivity into any situation.

His son Jordan recalls him teaching him to love life and appreciate its simple pleasures.

Personal Life

Terry is a sports fanatic and has officiated several international cricket matches. Additionally, he’s actively involved with several charitable organizations in Southwest Louisiana.

He graduated from Mississippi State University’s on-campus Broadcast Meteorologist program in 2006 and joined KPLC-TV shortly thereafter, broadcasting weathercasts at 7News Sunrise each morning and midday.

During the American Civil War, Terry created and led the 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment – also known as Terry’s Texas Rangers – under Confederate States Army command.

Eryn is a slim Earthblood Elf with brown skin and white swirled markings on his chest. His black horns feature light green tips while his long, slender ears make for an average height person of 5 feet 8 inches. At present he is unattached and does not have any children of his own.

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