Benjamin Work

Benjamin Work

Benjamin Work is an Auckland-based artist of Tongan and Scottish heritage. His artistic practice involves aerosol painting and large scale murals inspired by design elements found within Tongan weaponry and culture.

Benjamin’s visionary approach to history has inspired much theoretical discourse across many philosophical fields. His essays such as ‘The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction’ and his unfinished research project on nineteenth-century Paris (The Arcades Project) remain major sources of theoretical stimulation.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin’s parents were farmers, so he was expected to assist on the farm as expected, yet found solace in reading while working there. Benjamin adored his grandmother and would spend time with her often.

In 1721, James Franklin created a newspaper called the New England Courant and invited readers to contribute articles. Benjamin set type for these contributions while writing essays under the pseudonym Silence Dogood that lampooned Boston society – these pieces proved extremely popular with audiences.

At Gustav Wyneken’s German Youth Movement, Benjamin became acquainted with Gershom Scholem and Martin Buber. Additionally, Benjamin published his habilitation dissertation on Ursprung des Deutschen Tragic Drama – these publications cemented Benjamin as an influential cultural critic.

Professional Career

Benjamin is an experienced employment litigator with extensive knowledge in counseling and representing various industries on workplace safety and health compliance matters, litigation matters and protecting confidential and trade secret information.

Ben first pursued a career in computer science; however, his desire to help others ultimately led him down the path of medicine school. Following graduation he chose not to enter residency/fellowship immediately and instead spent some time working on precision oncology products for industry.

He can apply his unique perspective and experience to address complex issues across multiple fields and lead multimillion dollar projects with ease. His multidisciplinary approach encompasses looking at problems from different angles while anticipating hurdles for optimal results that stand out.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin was actively engaged with numerous intellectual communities during his life. He established significant bonds with people from disciplines as diverse as metaphysics, philosophy, theology, visual art, literature and radio. Benjamin developed close ties with Bertolt Brecht of Marxist philosophy fame as well as Ernst Bloch and Sigfried Kracauer along with sociologists Georg Simmel and Theodor W. Adorno – which became close allies throughout their work together.

His essay The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction was widely hailed for providing an insightful interpretation of how technological reproduction influences aesthetic experience. According to him, technological reproduction causes aura degeneration and removes its uniqueness – this being one of his core artistic themes. With Tongan and Scottish heritages combined, he currently lives and works in Auckland Aotearoa.

Personal Life

Benjamin was not an impresario or celebrity author but more like the archetype of Zelig: always at the crossroads of an ever-evolving intellectual community in interwar Berlin and Paris that comprised leftist intellectual ferment, acting as an influence on figures in metaphysics, philosophy, literature, art, theater radio politics etc.

Author of works about Charles Baudelaire and Franz Kafka; translated the Tableaux Parisiens section from Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal into German for publication; worked on translation theory research; studied Duns Scotus medieval speculations on language as well as translation theory itself.

In his later years, he managed to avoid Nazi persecution in Europe and ultimately died on a beach near Portbou, France, from where he intended to travel directly to America.

Net Worth

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Benjamin Watson has amassed an estimated net worth in the millions due to his successful NFL career and use of his wealth for good causes such as various philanthropy efforts and real estate investments over time.

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