Benny Hartwell

Benny Hartwell

Ben provides his clients with tenacious, practical, and effective representation in an array of civil litigation matters. His pragmatic approach to advocacy yields results both inside the courtroom and at settlement tables.

Indi Hartwell has quickly demonstrated her abilities since joining WWE’s NXT division. She can easily hold her own against some of its best competitors.

Early Life and Education

He graduated from Jennings County High School where he participated in both band and football. Following this, he went on to college where he obtained multiple degrees before working with Hillrom, an international construction firm.

Ben has excellent studio skills and enjoys recording guitar at Everyman Studios, his professional recording facility. Ben performs solo, duo and full band gigs and has an outstanding ear for writing music that complements songs perfectly.

Hartwell recently became involved in an alcohol-imbibing incident – marking the second time within two years that a town councilor from Gorham has been accused of operating while impaired. This has sparked debate on revising rules regarding what constitutes moral turpitude for future council members to review. Meanwhile, The 2022 Individual Biomedical Research Awards have been bestowed upon researchers working on early stage innovative technology with potential to advance childrenaEUR(tm)s health.

Professional Career

Ben brings an aggressive yet pragmatic approach to litigation that results in successful outcomes for his clients both inside and outside of courtroom proceedings. He represents clients in an array of civil matters such as product liability litigation, commercial disputes, breach of contract cases, bad faith insurance disputes, environmental toxic exposure claims and more.

He regularly represents employers in disputes regarding hiring and discipline, privacy concerns and workplace policies. He regularly appears before state and federal courts, arbitration panels and various administrative agencies as an advocate on their behalf.

Ben has been using Helix since its release and draws upon his live experience to develop sounding presets that match his live experience perfectly. Furthermore, Ben has created custom impulse responses which he utilizes with his presets for further refining tone!

Achievement and Honors

Hartwell is well known as an advocate of science fiction literature, regularly speaking and attending science-fiction conventions/conferences as a science major, writing several books in that genre and teaching at Clarion Science Fiction Writing Workshop.

Hartwell won a competitive Individual Biomedical Research Award in 2022. This honor recognizes internal support and guidance from participating institutions to provide early stage funding to postdoctoral researchers whose work could significantly advance childrenaEUR(tm)s health.

Gorham Town Councilor Janet Kuech said she rarely receives emails or comments regarding local issues – including multimillion-dollar school projects – but on Wednesday when news surfaced about Hartwell joining Oath Keepers violent anti-government group she received numerous inquiries and messages of outrage from residents in response. Oath Keepers are made up primarily of veterans and law enforcement personnel who swear oaths to defend the Constitution and swear allegiance to them as part of their anti-government activism.

Personal Life

Benny was deeply committed to his family. He enjoyed travelling around the world, cheering on Cleveland sports teams (even though they often disappointed him), and spending quality time with them all.

He was passionate about politics and global events, enjoying lively debates. He could cover any topic with ease and always brought laughter into any room with his infectious humor.

Benny was married to Judy and they share four children and two grandchildren together. He loved spending time with extended family members he affectionately called “The Family Gang”, as well as following both Indiana Hoosiers and Indianapolis Colts games avidly, traveling often and visiting historic and military sites around the globe. All who knew Benny will miss him greatly.

Net Worth

Edgerton Hartwell’s net worth has dramatically declined over time. Once worth over $20 million, much of that fortune was lost due to business misadventures and divorce settlements with his wife; eventually his house was also foreclosed upon.

He was selected in Round 4 of the 2001 NFL draft by Baltimore Ravens after anchoring Western Illinois University’s defense that allowed only four goals in 23 games.

Essex LLC in Barrington, Illinois now employs him as an investment advisor with 8 years of experience and holds the Series 65 license. Furthermore, he supports various organizations which empower women and children, writes poetry as well as novels for publication as an author/poet, makes appearances on reality shows, etc.

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