Best Classes In Wotlk

Best Classes in World of Warcraft

The Paladin is one of the most valuable classes in WotLK. This class is versatile and can be used in any role. It can deal high damage, has excellent sustain, and can be very efficient solo. It is a good class for PvP and tanking.

This is the best class for tanking, due to its high damage and decent support. It is also a good choice to pair with burst damage classes, as it has decent knockback with Thunderstorm. This class is an excellent choice for tanks and DPS, and is a great long-term option.

There are many good tanks in WotLK. However, the Protection Paladin is the best. They are one of the most versatile tanks and have incredible cleave damage. They also have two unique DPS specs, which are unique in that they have unique DPS specs for falling. They are also extremely resilient and possess excellent utility skills.

Another class that is worth considering is the Death Knight. This class is excellent for melee DPS and has a low skill curve, but is nearly unbeatable in single-target tanking situations. They are also extremely resilient and rarely lose threat to key targets. Although they’re not the best class for speed leveling, they’re a great option for late-game content.

Solo players will also find Warlocks a great choice. Although their damage potential in single target fights is slightly less than that of the Affliction Warlock’s, their spell power buff is stronger than the Elemental Shaman. It also becomes very powerful in groups with several casting classes.

Although the Arms Warrior, Protection Warrior, and Protection Warrior are the most elite classes in WotLK they are not the best in PvE. They are now difficult to compete with the new WoTLK tanking options. However, the Arms Warrior can still be a good choice for PvE.

The Mages may be a bit behind Warlocks and other DPS class at the beginning of expansion, but they are still cast-focused damage agents that shine once expansion content drops. The DPS options make the Mage a good choice for people who enjoy solo play and group PvE.

The Elemental Shaman is another great option. While their damage output is not as impressive as their PvE counterparts, their ability to support other classes makes them a great choice for solo leveling. Their healing abilities are also very powerful. Their heroism is also helpful for buffing pets. Although this class is often overlooked, it is still one of the most valuable support classes.

Assassination is also an excellent class for PvE. It is a very versatile class, and its damage bypasses armor, so it can be a good choice during specific encounters. For PvP, the Rogue will remain the class of choice for most of the expansion. They are adept at solo capping points and defending the flag room, and they’re just an all-around great class to play.

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