Best Dance Moms

The Best Dance Moms

The best dance moms are the ones who know how to be witty, and this is the case with Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. While the two have had their share of blowouts over solos, costumes, and unfair treatment, their friendship is still an iconic one. While they may have fought over the same dance moves, they have a friendship that has endured, and their banter is one of the most amusing elements of the show.

When she joined Dance Moms, she was already dancing at the age of 13 – a fact that made her miss out on normal high school activities. She was able to graduate from Ohio University, earning a marketing degree, and even tried out singing. She now runs an Instagram account dedicated to food, and occasionally posts on her YouTube channel. She has over 200,000 subscribers. While her daughters dance, she still finds time to keep busy with her music.

In addition to her amazing dance skills, Abby is one of the most beloved and supportive of her daughters. Her humble, kind, and selfless nature have helped her rise through the ranks of the show. She even made her way to a starring role in one of her own dance shows. But her success does not end there. Maddie has made a name for herself after leaving the show. Despite her flaws, she is still a strong personality, and she is extremely hard-working.

She first appeared on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in Season 2, and then made her debut on Dance Moms during Season 4. With a rainbow accent and bright bows, she immediately stood out, and her goal was to earn a permanent spot on the team. After her appearance, Dawson had a long run on Nickelodeon, co-hosting Lip-Sync Battle Shorties alongside Nick Cannon. Despite the success of her dance career, Dawson remained a devoted follower of the show.

Whether you’re looking for a good dancer or just want to see some fun dance videos, you can find the right one on Dance Moms. From simple routines to full-on competitions, the show features a variety of talented dancers. A popular show like Dance Moms has a huge following on social media. A popular episode has over 3 million viewers, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Maddie’s daughter Kendall is the best dancer. Maddie was good, but only because Abby was biased in her favor. Had Kendall been given the same attention, she could have beaten her. Kendall’s contemporary routine was also a standout, demonstrating her excellent technique. Furthermore, she was much prettier than the other girls. So, in short, she’s the best dance mom. The best dance moms aren’t perfect, but they’re definitely worth watching.

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