Best Enchantments Mtg

Best Enchantments in MTG

Enchantments can be used in many ways to improve your deck. It’s important to understand your opponent’s deck. Your opponent might be more vulnerable to enchantments if he or she has a lot of green cards. For instance, if a player has a lot of Lands, you may want to try playing more Lands.

Another way to improve your deck is to enchant your basic land. You can enchant your basic territory with a powerful card to make it a free army. But don’t forget to enchant your artifact tokens. They are very useful and can be used to help you in many decks.

Legion Loyalty can be used to help many deck archetypes. This enchantment, which was first printed in Commander 2017, lets you name a creature type and draw a card whenever that creature attacks with it. It’s also great for EDH and is a key part of some Gruul decks.

Font of Magic is a four-mana blue enchantment. It’s effective in reducing the cost of instant spells, and it allows you to cast them more often. It is especially good in Commander decks, as it allows you to cast spells with less mana.

Another powerful enchantment is the Kami War. The Kami War has three chapters, each one of which turns your creature into a powerful card with a card advantage combined with an attack trigger. You can also find key enchantments in Sterling Grove such as Maelstrom Nexus. The latter grants you an instant 2-for-1 and gives you the first spell of your turn cascade.

If you don’t have enough mana for all of those, you can always go with a solid white enchantment like Restoration of Eiganjo. This enchantment produces tokens and eventually gives your creature four toughness. It also has graveyard recursion, which gives you more options and makes it an excellent choice.

In terms of cost, the best enchantments in mtg cost four or less. Exquisite Blood, Sanguine Bond and Sanguine Bond are two examples. These enchantments give your opponent life when they lose a life. This powerful combination has the potential for an endless loop.

Take Possession is another powerful enchantment. Though it costs more than Treachery, it makes life much easier for blue mages. Although it is more expensive than Treachery, it will still help you kill any enemy who tries to steal your stuff. Combined with the Willbender effect, it’s one of the best enchantments ever in MtG.

Shadow Enchantment is a great choice when you need to close down large tables without using too many cards. This card’s effect is strong in multiplayer. It can shut down a whole table in one turn. As long as you use your opponent’s land, this spell can be very dangerous.

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