Best Fastpitch Softball Glove

How to Find the Best Fastpitch Softball Glove

A fastpitch softball glove should be able to fit your hand comfortably, yet provide the utmost ball control. There are two basic styles: open and closed. The open-web glove is best for fielders and the closed-web glove is better for pitchers. You should also consider the back design, which is where your index finger goes. Closed back designs are more stable while open backs offer more flexibility.

When shopping for a fastpitch softball glove, keep in mind that there are many options on the market, and there are many great brands out there. This can cause a lot confusion when it comes time to choose the right glove. Our goal is to guide you to find a high-quality glove at an affordable price. These gloves will last you more than a season, and some even get better with age.

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series is another great choice for a fastpitch softball glove. It is made from pre-oiled Java leather and comes with Mizuno’s signature technologies like SureFit Foam and ParaShock Palm. These technologies allow the glove to absorb impact and withstand repeated usage. This glove offers excellent protection and comfort. Parashock Palm Pad provides extra protection against painful stings from speedy balls.

A high-quality fastpitch glove can save your game and turn doubles into singles. A glove that is well-made will save you runs and make all the difference between winning or losing. However, most serious players will need a longer-lasting glove.

Nokona is a well-known name in the softball and baseball glove industries. Founded in 1932, the company is a leader in handcrafted softball gloves. It also manufactures excellent baseball gloves, so there are plenty of options from this company. The Walnut Fastpitch Softball Glove, for instance, uses their signature leather. Nokona’s Walnut Crunch leather provides a great feel that’s game-ready.

Before you use a glove on the field, it is important to properly break it in after purchasing it. This will ensure that the leather does not lose its “aliveness” and reduce the risk of it becoming heavier. Use a sponge or cloth to apply oil to the leather and rub it in evenly. Leather in softball gloves needs extra protection and care because it is very similar to skin. Leather will be more vulnerable to damage if it is exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions.

When buying softball gear, size is a big factor. A glove that fits too tight or too loose can interfere with your concentration. You can achieve your goal by finding the right glove. But don’t let brand or price dictate the best glove for you.

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