Best Legendary Card In Clash Royale

Best Legendary Card in Clash Royale

If you’re looking for the best legendary card in clash royale, you’ve come to the right place. Electric wizard is the most powerful legendary card and can be fatal to your opponents. She has a long range and is very effective at clearing swarms of weak enemies. She also has a unique power of producing strange bats when she dies. Regardless of her weakness, her abilities make her the best choice for a defensive player.

Clash Royale features more than 100 different cards and 4 champions. Each card is in a different tier. The highest tier is S+ and the lowest is A. These tiers are useful for players to get a better idea of which cards are good for which situations.

If you’re looking for a tank that can take damage, the Lava Hound is a solid choice. This legendary card costs 4 Elixir and deals a high amount of damage. It also has a high resistance and an area damage buff. This makes it one of the best tanks in the game. You can also unlock the Inferno Dragon from the Jungle Arena, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking for a counter-push.

The Miner is another great choice. This versatile card can be placed anywhere on the arena and can deal huge damage, take down buildings, and tank support troops if the primary tank dies. Though it received a nerf after it was first released, it remains a strong choice.

Another great card in the game is the Log. This card is very easy to use and is found in many top-level decks. It can knock back enemies and roll them back. It also has good displacement power. In addition to that, it can also be used as a defense card. You can also use it to chip away at enemy towers.

The Royal Ghost is also an excellent Legendary card. This legendary troop can sneak past enemy defenses to reach its opponent without being seen. This makes it a great attack unit and can even be used in conjunction with other high-hitpoint troops. But the Royal Ghost is not perfect. Its hit-speed is far from ideal and needs a hit-speed increase or a HP buff.

The Mega Knight is a strong counter to current meta cards, but it has many weaknesses. It’s weak against the Mini P.E.K.A., but is a great choice for 2v2 play. It also counters the swarm units that surround its tank. It works well with Mega Knight and Lava Hound decks, too.

The Goblin Giant is another excellent option. It’s much more versatile, able to move around and attack with a variety of other troops. However, it’s not as effective against Spear Goblins. The Goblin Giant, on the other hand, performs better as a tank. Its high movement range and high elixir consumption make it a better choice.

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