Best Longboard Bearings

How To Choose The Best Longboard Bearings For Your Board

There are many different types of skateboard bearings on the market, making it difficult to decide which ones are the best. The ABEC scale is an excellent guide to the quality of skateboard bearings, and a proper ABEC rating of the bearings you purchase will give you an idea of how well they perform. Tolerance is another important factor to consider when purchasing skateboard bearings. Ultimately, this factor will affect the speed of the board and the smoothness of its movement.

Precision skateboard bearings provide a smooth ride, reducing vibrations, and allowing for fast speeds. They are compatible with a wide range of longboard wheels and come with spacers cut with precise machining technology. The bearings themselves are well sealed, and the precision tolerance is accurate to within 0.02mm. They also work together to limit friction.

Oldboys has a range of skateboard bearings, including those with pre-lubricated super hard ceramic balls. These are much more durable than traditional steel bearings, and they are easy to clean. These bearings also come in a patented pyramid box for added durability. Oldboys also makes a bearing that contains a thick layer of lubrication, which makes them easier to maintain and clean.

Another popular longboard bearing is the Bones Reds, which are a bit pricey. They feature six balls, and have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Bones Reds are positioned in position number nine, and they come with a lifetime warranty. If you are willing to pay more, this set is worth considering. This is the highest quality longboard bearing available. You should only invest in a set if you are serious about skating and want the best performance.

Fireball Dragon bearings are made of a special lubricant and have low friction points of contact. This reduces the chances of wear and tear and improves the smoothness of riding. They are also made from high quality steel and have precision seals that prevent debris and water particles from entering them.

Bearings are important in longboarding because they play a crucial role in smoothness and safety. They make longboarding much more fun. A good set of bearings will improve the smoothness and speed of your riding. You should be aware of their characteristics so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Bearings should be properly lubricated before installation. Some bearings are pre-lubricated, while others require additional lubrication. If your board has bearings that need lubrication, you can add it to them before installation to maximize their performance. You should also choose bearings that are easy to install to make the assembly process more efficient.

You should also consider the type of skating you plan on doing. If you plan on cruising, you may not require high-performance bearings.

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