Best Lumber Loon Deck

How to Build the Best LumberLoon Deck

LumberLoon is a versatile creature. It can be played on both sides of the board and can even be used as a support unit. This versatile card has a high damage-per-second (DPS) rate, and is perfect for destroying towers. In addition to its DPS, it also has good spell damage and can use Rage to deal more damage to enemies. The best way to use the lumberjack is to deploy it first, followed by a knight and a balloon, which is a win condition. The Lumberjack can also be deployed with Musketeers to support high-hp troops. Musketeers can even spawn an army of skeletons to help.

A Mega Knight is also a good choice for a lumber loon deck. This monster has a strong attack range and can jump over a bridge and cause damage. Its attacks are also effective against Wizards, Hog Riders, and Valkyries. This character is also a great counter to Sparky and Inferno cards.

The best LumberLoon deck will be one that can outplay most decks. It can outplay even hard counter decks but it will need a strong aggressive style. A deck built with this hero relies on elixirs and counter pushes, which will make it extremely favored in ladder and challenge matches.

Another option is to use a Mega Knight, which can punish the opposing lane and punish the opposite lane. If you have a low-cost elixir, you may want to use a Knight or Electro Wizard instead. However, the advantage of LumberLoon over these two options is that you can place it in a single lane and only spend one elixir.

While there are a lot of different lumber loon decks, most decks are designed to swarm. Therefore, it is a good idea to run multiple unit cards and a bomber deck will do this effectively. For example, a Bomber deck would run Barbarian Barrel, Golem, Lightning, Royal Giant, and Super Witch.

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