Best Moveset For Empoleon

Best Moveset For Empoleon

While Empoleon doesn’t have a particularly good offensive moveset, it does excel at defences, and its STAB moves are Scald and Aqua Ring. Both are strong defensive moves with a chance to cripple switch-in Pokemon. In addition, Roar prevents sweeps by Pokemon like Calm Mind Suicune, and helps wear down opposing teams when Stealth Rock is up. In addition to the above-mentioned moves, Empoleon also benefits from bulk and Ice Beam, which both make it a good choice.

Empoleon is a water and steel-type Pokemon with medium stats. It is vulnerable to Ground, Electric, and Fighting moves, but has excellent resistance to most other types. Its maximum CP is 2,900, and its attack, defense, and stamina are all medium-high. This means that it can be very versatile, and can be a great starter. However, if you’re having trouble choosing the right moves for your Empoleon, it may be best to focus on some of its best moves, and then adjust accordingly.

In terms of Special moveset, Empoleon has a small pool of options, and only a few viable ones. Besides Surf, the Empoleon moveset should be centered around Surf, which is the most reliable STAB attack. It can also be covered by Ice Beam or Earthquake, which are both good Ground moves.

Empoleon can hit other Water types, but it can also hit the Metal Claw and Waterfall types. Its STAB can make it a useful offensive move in battle. The Empoleon can also use Waterfall and Flash Cannon to attack with pure type moves. You can even use the flash Cannon to cripple walls.

While Empoleon doesn’t have the strongest moves, it has a variety of coverage and STAB moves. The latter moves allow it to sweep out Fire Pokemon and set up Rocks and Grass. This is especially helpful when the Empoleon’s health is low.

The best moveset for Empoleon depends on the type of game. This Pokemon evolved from Prinplup and is a Water & Steel type. However, it is susceptible to Electric, Ground, and Fighting moves. Its max CP is about 2,900. While most Empoleon moves are excellent in PVP battles, Hydro Cannon is the best for attacking Pokemon in Gyms.

A dual-type Pokemon, Empoleon has a low base defense and low base HP. This makes it vulnerable to Fighting and Electric-type moves, but it is also highly effective against Fairy and Fire-types. Since it has poor energy generation, you can take advantage of its Hydro Cannon when it is underutilized.

In PVP battles, a strong Water-type moves are necessary. Waterfall can deal 16 DPS, while Hydro Pump can deal up to 47.2 DPS. These moves are not as strong as Elite TM or Hydro Cannon, but they are better than Surf.

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