Best Sub Jobs Octopath Traveler

The Best Sub Jobs in Octopath Traveler

Understanding your secondary jobs is an important part of Octopath Traveler. These jobs can help you flex your character’s strengths and mitigate its weaknesses. In addition, they give you access to specific skills and attribute bonuses. It is important to understand which sub jobs you should choose for each type of character, since not all sub jobs are equal.

There are eight main jobs and four secret jobs in Octopath Traveler. Besides these, your character can also equip up to four Support Skills, which will make him more powerful. These skills will also allow you to change the look of your character in battle. However, you should choose wisely as some of the skills will only waste space and make your character worse in battle.

The Starseer is one of the weakest jobs in Octopath Traveler. However, it is a great job for magical characters with high elemental damage. It is not the most important secondary job, but it has its advantages. This job is well-suited for Therion, Alfyn and Tressa. This job is ideal for any character with strong magical abilities.

The Sorcerer job is a great choice for characters with high elements. Sorcerers such as Cyrus and Ophelia can deal tremendous amounts of damage to enemies. They are strong in physical attacks as well as their elemental abilities. By choosing this job, you will be able to deal with enemies much faster than characters with weaker elemental stats.

The sub jobs in Octopath Traveler have several distinct advantages. First, they let you use weapons and bows. They also allow you to debuff enemies and steal their items. A Merchant also has the advantage of having access to debuffs, items, and other benefits.

The Dancer is another useful sub-job. This sub-job complements Olberic’s Warrior job well, and its buff-based gameplay allows you to use Daggers. Daggers are great for healing, and can help you move around quickly. The dancer also gains a significant boost in speed and evasion. This allows her to be more prepared for critical moments.

To summon your enemies, you can also use the female protagonists of the game. This allows you to use powerful allies during battle. You can also pay powerful allies to help you use one technique. These are helpful for completing dungeons or completing quests. Besides, this game also comes with an extensive combat system, which can be difficult for new players.

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