Best Tank Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands Best Tank Guide

When it comes to playing WoW Shadowlands, there are a variety of different tanks to choose from. These tanks are ranked in terms of their damage dealing ability, cooldowns, utility, and raid performance. The tier list also takes into account the gear affixes that they come with.

Tanks are very important to a raid’s success. While Azerite Traits remain important, there are some key changes in the class for this expansion. Tanks will have to work hard to survive in this new dungeon mode. Covenant abilities differ as well, so it’s important to choose wisely.

The ability to combine tanks with it will determine how much damage a tank does. If a tank can sustain a combo, it has a great advantage. This tank is more susceptible to being interrupted than other tanks so it’s important that you manage its defense accordingly. Tanks with high damage rates need to be able to manage their defenses better than other tanks.

The protection paladin is a good choice if you are interested in AoE tanks. The paladin has an advantage when it comes to shielding others, and their passives mitigate a lot of damage. Another tank to try is the brewmaster monk, who can slow down their enemies and reduce incoming damage.

The Demon Hunter has a lower DPS, but he still has an excellent utility suite that is not as powerful than the Death Knight Grips. Using sigils is also helpful, since they are resilient against magic damage. It’s also worth mentioning that the Demon Hunter’s set bonuses are Rapacious Hunger and Burning Hunger, which provide great protection against boss auto-attacks.

Although Blood Death Knights are extremely effective tanks, they are also very difficult to play due to their inability to move and poor rune management. However, they have incredible damage output and a high self-sustain rating. This makes them a great pick for any group composition. This class is also the most difficult to learn.

The Death Knight is stronger in Sepulcher the First Ones. However, it is less mobile in Mythic+ and not as mobile than other tanks. The Protection Warrior is another option for tanks, offering a range of utilities. The Fury Warrior is also a good choice, although the output is low compared to the other tanks.

For a tank with high survivability and damage output, a Guardian Druid is a great choice. They offer high AoE damage output and can make up some lost time in progression if their route is well optimized. However, they lack the raid utility and raid buff of the others.

For a more aggressive tank, a Protection Warrior is a good choice. Their armor is very high, and their self-healing abilities are excellent, but they are not as mobile or healer-focused as the other tanks. They do have a high DPS output and excellent crowd control capabilities. This tank is great if you are looking for a tank capable of both healing and DPS.

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