Best Th Level 7 Base

How to Build the Best Town Hall 7 Base

Having a good base layout is a great way to get the best possible results in your Town Hall. The Trophy Base is an excellent example of a Town Hall layout that works. This layout is great for TH7. It has multiple small compartments and splash defenses to stop attacking troops. The Dark Elixir Storage is also well secured.

There are many features on the base, including a town hall and two wizard towers. It also has a laboratory and air defense. It is one of the best bases in the game. A multi-purpose base with all these features is the best base for this game.

You can copy the layouts from the link below. These layouts can be copied and pasted into your Town Hall 7 game. This will make it much easier to create your unique base. There are also links to the base layouts of the other players. This will allow you to copy the layouts that you like and make them yours.

My Clan War 7 Town Hall 7 mini-account in Clan War 7 has had a great time at the War / CWL base. This base is full traps you can’t anticipate, and can effectively fend off an Air Attack. The Air Sweeper can cover the entire base to block air attacks.

A variety of defense types is a great way to create a town hall 7 defense base. For example, you should have a ground attacking defense, an air attacking defense, and a trap. A variety of defense types is a must for a TH7 base that can balance your defenses.

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