Best Tonkatsu Chicago

Where to Find the Best Tonkatsu in Chicago

Tonkatsu is a delicious Japanese dish that Chicago residents can order. There are many delivery options available. You can also find a North Chicago restaurant that serves this Japanese dish. Prices for delivery are generally about $8.99. Some places are open as early as 11am, while others stay open until 8pm.

There are many Japanese restaurants in Chicago, including acclaimed eateries like Julia Momose’s Boka Restaurant Group. But for authentic homestyle fare, you might have to venture outside the city to the suburbs. You’ll be able to discover more regional dishes you might have missed.

Mitsuwa Market is another great place to find authentic Japanese food. The huge supermarket also has a food court that offers Asian delicacies. You will also find Japanese-style tables, chairs, and Japanese bakery and candies. Visiting the Mitsuwa Market will give you an opportunity to sample a wide variety of Japanese items and enjoy the authentic atmosphere.

The Fulton Market area is home to a few top-notch restaurants. Fulton Market Cafe is a 11,000-square-foot, stylish restaurant that also features a bustling Izakaya bar and sushi bar. There are more than a dozen choices, including vegan and vegetarian options. Try the tsukemen dip ramen or the aji yakusugi, which is smoked pork that has been marinated for over a thousand years in cypress wood.

If you don’t feel like eating out in the city, there are many Japanese restaurants near Chicago’s Red Line station. This popular restaurant serves tonkotsu Ramen and is loved by both ramen lovers and residents in the neighborhood. Other dishes served here include Japanese curries and fried chicken.

Arlington Heights is a 24-mile north from downtown Chicago that has a great selection of sushi restaurants. Over 350 Japanese businesses are located in this area. As part of World Business Chicago, this area is a thriving hub for Japanese cuisine. The area is home to izakayas, sushi restaurants, and even a Japanese language school. The area is a popular destination for ex-pats looking to sample some authentic Japanese cuisine.

There are many Furious Spoon locations in Chicago. This restaurant specializes in tonkotsu ramen, gyukotsu ramen, and vegetarian ramen. The restaurant also specializes in dipping ramen. The restaurant has an impressive sake bomb bar and a graffiti-inspired aesthetic.

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