Billie Eilish E Lauren Jauregui

Will Billie Eilish and Lauren Jauregui Work Together?

The incredibly popular singer Billie Eilish has been seen hanging out with her friend Lauren Jauregui. Fans are requesting a collaboration after they were spotted together in October. Blohsh, the fashion line of both singers, has a unique style. Fans can expect a fusion between their music and fashion if they ever work together. But will it be a collaboration?

Lauren Jauregui was recently seen on the red carpet at the Women Shaping the Future New York City event. The event featured some of the most influential female voices in culture. Camila Cabello, a singer-songwriter, performed with the group. Lauren Jauregui was the host of the event, and her photos and videos reflected that. Two sexy women were also honored at the event.

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