Billie Eilish Nancy Ajram

Billie Eilish and Nancy Ajram Work Together

Billie Eilish, in her latest music video praises Nancy Ajram’s album Fi Hagat. The Palestinian artist released this 2010 track. Ajram is the most-sold Middle Eastern female artist, having sold more than 30 million records. She is also the most-followed Middle Eastern celebrity on social media. In a recent interview with Billboard, the singer admitted that she was inspired by Nancy Ajram’s lyrics and style.

Billie Eilish and Ajram have a great way to work together. In the interview, she revealed that she had discovered Ajram after seeing a viral meme. She explained her love for Ajram’s music in a way that is easy to understand. This interview sparked headlines in the Middle East, where it prompted Ajram to respond to Billie.

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