Black Heart Bonnie

Black Heart Bonnie

If you’ve seen the movie Heartsick Baby, you know how it makes you feel. However, if you’ve also seen the cartoon version of Black Heart Bonnie, you’ll understand how this cynical character makes you feel. Black Heart Bonnie is made of glass, and her eyes are dark and pixelated. This is Valentine’s Day at its best.

Bonnie’s Blacklight version is very similar to the original. However, it has distorted colors as well as an aggressive appearance. This version of Bonnie is the first of the blacklight versions and is a great choice for fans of the original game. Although it can be difficult to tune the guitar with the Neon version, it is worth the effort. The new skin is beautiful and a joy to use! It’s the perfect way for Bonnie to dress up!

Bonnie the original Bonnie is blue. This version of the character is found in FNaF 3. The new Bonnie has a different color scheme. Freddy Fazbear mentions a cotton tail in her Freddy Fazbear’s Theme. FNaF 3’s version also has a blue Bonnie. However, she’s not the same as the original, and the recoloration isn’t permanent. Bonnie can also be purchased a new guitar.

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