Black Inflatable Santa

Black Inflatable Santa

On December 15, 2017, an inflatable black Santa Claus was vandalized and destroyed by vandals. The black Santa had been on display for just 24 hours. It caused a flurry on social media, with statements from Megyn and other comedians. The condemnations and slams didn’t stop. Kennedy, who lives in a neighborhood in Lakewood, Texas, says the black Santa is not his fault.

The black Santa was vandalized and ripped apart in a neighbor’s yard. The family of the victim, Fritz Richard, posted the vandalism on NextDoor and has received support from neighbors. Some of the victims have even ordered an inflatable Santa to decorate their own yards. The vandals are now being branded as “hate crimes.”

Widespread outrage has erupted over a racist letter regarding a black inflatable Santa. A North Little Rock homeowner received an offensive letter on Facebook, suggesting he remove the inflatable to “protect his children from being deceived.” The letter also included a photo of a white Santa. Chris Kennedy said he was appalled by the letter, and shared it with local television station KLRT. The letter contained a stock photo of a white Santa with a thumbs up.

This black inflatable Santa is made to stand alone outdoors or can be combined with other airblown inflatables to create a festive scene. It is easy-to-assemble and comes with stakes, an inflatable blower, and a bag for storage. The black inflatable Santa will add a festive touch to your home and make outdoor holiday decorations more fun. If you are hosting a holiday party, this festive inflatable can be a fun addition to the festivities!

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