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Sky Days Is Missing From Black Ink Crew Season 1

It’s no secret that Black Ink Crew, a reality TV show about tattoo parlors, has become a cult favorite among hip-hop stars. While the crew has been a hit with fans, there’s one member who hasn’t been featured for quite some time: Sky Days. While the former crew member’s absence was not intentional, fans are left wondering what happened to her. She could have been suspended from the show or she could have decided to leave.

The first season of Black Ink Crew was inspired by the hit teen series from the late 1990s. It follows the staff of 9Mag Tattoo Shop in Chicago as they deal with the day-to-day challenges they face in their daily lives. They celebrate their first birthday, and receive a surprise visitor. However, they are faced with many problems that threaten their friendship as well as their success. Ryan receives some bad news, and Ashley and Don are facing relationship problems. Phor is determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional singer, while Van is facing criminal charges and Kat is almost running the shop.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of Season 1, Ceaser returns to his tattoo shop in Harlem. Dutchess, the shop’s owner, is renovating the place. Hennessy and strippers welcome Ceaser as the new tattoo artist. But the newcomer has some big plans for the crew, including a charity art show for kids. Meanwhile, O’Sh*t has a business venture that puts him in the spotlight.

Black Ink Crew follows Ceaser’s daily life as he runs his tattoo empire. The company is growing in popularity and has a celebrity client base that includes hip-hop stars, professional athletes, video vixens, etc. Ceaser’s close family members and Donna, a Cleveland tattooist, make up the crew. These are some of the faces that make Black Ink Crew a popular show.

Alexandra Estevez was a former receptionist at Black Ink. Her character established a distinct personality from the others. In the first episode, she was seen disapproving of one of her clients’ tattoos and storming out of the shop after a confrontation with Ceaser. The show revealed her aggressive personality despite the attractive image. She is now a model and a DJ.

Paul “Puma” Robinson is the former public relations manager of the Black Ink Crew. Ceaser Emanuel was a friend and fan of his crew. His tattoos are now featured in Inked and Urban Ink magazines. It’s easy to see why they’re such popular shows. Hopefully, the show will continue to gain popularity among young people, too.

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