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The Black Ink Crew Returns Tonight at 8PM on VH1

The story of the Black Ink Crew revolves around the adventures of Walt Dawson, the assistant manager of the 113th ink shop. The 37-year old has been a constant presence in his children’s lives for many years. He is involved in a scandal involving his two sons and wife. While the crew attempts to stop the rumors from spreading, Walt is surprised by Teddy RUKS, a petty criminal.

In episode 148, Walt is accused of stealing $5,000 from his former shop and attempting to cover it up. The shop owner, Ceaser, believes that he has a criminal past but the evidence shows that he is not at fault for the theft. Ceaser reveals that Walter and Rokmatic did “funny business” with money while the shop was being broken into. After the episode, Walt admits his mistakes and apologizes to his former friends.

Although Jessica and Walt are now married, their relationship was not without drama. Walt’s job loss has caused her cash shortages and she reacts negatively. Despite Jessica’s efforts to save the shop from closure, Walt and Jessica have faced their fair share of problems. Tonight’s episode will air on VH1 at 8PM. It’s an hour-long drama sure to entertain viewers and keep them entertained. We hope you enjoy it!

Recent seasons have seen major changes to the cast of “Black Ink Crew”. There have been many controversies over a nasty on-screen incident involving Sky and her child Des. She reportedly accused Des of stealing her grandson’s money, telling her sons that she should have swallowed him instead. When discussing this with the crew, Des was crying in the middle of the conversation. The producers then suspended Sky. Sky stated that she had previously left the show for the sake her sons and her family.

The Black Ink Crew’s notorious episode involving Ceaser raised serious questions about Walt’s relationship with Ceaser. While the two were friends, Ceaser reportedly accused Walt of theft. Walt denied any involvement and then admitted to stealing money from the cash register. In the midseason trailer, Walt is seen talking to Ceaser. Although Walt had deleted his comments about the episode, the story continues to grow.

While Walt Miller is best known for his role as a fashion photographer in the reality show, the actor is stepping into the world of stand-up comedy. Walt describes himself as a comedian on his Instagram. He has appeared in many comedy shows and will be appearing at the Miami Comedy Invasion May 2021. This is a great opportunity to grow his fan base and make Walt Miller a household name, if he is as funny as his friends say.

Ceaser’s connection to Walt is a major source of frustration. Walt’s behavior was deemed unacceptable within the context of Black Ink Shop. Ceaser promised to get him back. After all, Walt had already broken his trust in the shop. Ceaser was therefore keen to learn more about Walt’s thefts in the past. They have also become more distant.

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